Public Transport in Mersin is made safer

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to equip all commercial taxi, service vehicles, minibus and bus vehicles with security devices that have the ability to be monitored and watched instantly.

All the commercial taxi, minibus and bus transports will be completely secured by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. Thanks to the application that provides a safe journey, citizens will no longer travel in stress and fear.

The project, which will be implemented by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, is planned to prevent many incidents such as prevention of violence against car drivers, burglary and sexual harassment. Since serial production and assembly of the system will take time, 31 will be implemented until December 2018. All vehicles equipped with safety devices will be monitored momentarily and 30 will be kept in records for days.

31 will be available from December 2018

The Metropolitan Municipality, which assesses both the drivers of the vehicles and the technological systems aimed at protecting the life and property of the people at the highest level, will have positive effects on the traffic flow. aims to benefit from the application.

2017 / 494 31 2018 XNUMX in all commercial taxi, service vehicles, minibus and bus vehicles, including the vehicle tracking system, video recorder, IP equipped cameras and emergency alarm button. date of use.

People are expected to travel comfortably, comfortably and safely

The devices, which meet the criteria specified in the Vehicle Manufacturing Amendment and Installation Regulation published by the Ministry of Interior, are examined by the UKOME General Assembly and the devices that meet the specified criteria are given a 'Device Conformity Certificate'. The device will not use the products of the manufacturers or vendors without the Certificate of Conformity, or the companies that do not have the certificate of the vehicle drivers or transportation companies will not be able to use their products.

Aiming to make the public comfortable, efficient, comfortable and safe travel, the Metropolitan Municipality will also be able to choose the companies that own the documents for vehicle drivers by protecting the rights and interests of the drivers. In this way, it is aimed to prevent monopolization and to prevent unfair competition of vehicle drivers.

In the interviews with the drivers who learned that the device can choose the companies that have the Certificate of Conformity, vehicle drivers who stated that they will relax in the economic sense because the people and themselves will be provided with the safety of life and property, and the option of choice will be in every driver, stated that they are very satisfied with the current application.

In addition, the authorities of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department stated that car drivers should take care of the current application and be careful about the companies that do not receive a Device Compliance Certificate.


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