Kozlu-Zonguldak-Üzülmez Railway Line Held On The Table

The first stakeholder meeting of the West Black Sea Development Agency's “Kozlu - Zonguldak - Üzülmez Railway Line Feasibility Report and Concept Development Study Preparation” project was held.

Meeting from BAKKA Service Building, Kozlu District Governor Ahmet Karakaya, Mayor of Kozlu Kerim Yılmaz, TTK Kozlu Hard Coal Administration Directorate, TTK Port and Railway Operation Directorate, Zonguldak Special Provincial Administration, Zonguldak Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate, Zonguldak Environment and Urbanization Province Directorate, TCDD Zonguldak Station Directorate, State Water Works Zonguldak Branch Directorate, Zonguldak Culture and Education Foundation (ZOKEV), Zonguldak City Council, Ihsaniye Neighborhood Muhtarligi, Office PAN Architecture and BAKKA authorities attended.

In his opening speech, Deputy Secretary General of BAKKA Elif Acar stated that various ideas were formed in line with the works initiated in the previous years and they expressed that they want to learn the thoughts of all the stakeholders in this study which aims to evaluate the existing tourism potential by including the industrial heritage.

Mehmet Çetinkaya, Head of Strategy Development and Programming at BAKKA, talked about the works carried out by the Agency on this subject and pointed out the importance of the project for the region.

After Çetinkaya's speech, KİVİ Strategic Planning A.Ş. Müge Yorgancı, one of the representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, will investigate the economic, social and spatial impacts of the use of Kozlu-Zonguldak-Üzülmez railway line, which is used by TTK to transport coal mine, for the purpose of tourism and urban transportation, made a presentation.

In the presentation, the characteristics of the Kozlu-Zonguldak-Üzülmez Railway line and the results of the research were briefly explained. kazanIt was mentioned about the necessity of the construction of the city, the creation of an alternative route to road transportation, the protection of the urban culture and industrial heritage. In addition, the project should not be perceived only as a passenger transport line; conservation of coal-based industrial heritage, tourism kazanIt was emphasized that it is of great importance for the region in terms of promoting and promoting

After the presentation, the opinions of the stakeholders who participated in the meeting with mutual exchange and question and answer section about the Kozlu-Zonguldak-Üzülmez Railway Line project were evaluated and the positive and negative aspects of the railway line that might arise about the project were also evaluated. In this context, it was stated that the points emphasized in the meeting will be used in the study.

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