Kocaoglu: İki Izmir Bay Crossing with Halkapınar-Otogar Metro, Two Carrots Extending to Izmir Koca

The Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoğlu made important statements at the two inauguration ceremony held in Foça city center and in Gerenköy. President Kocaoglu, Halkapınar-Otogar subway and Gulf Transition projects, which have been waiting for years and emerged during the election periods, have been described as seçim two carrots extended to the people of Izmir ilen.

Two major investments of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Foça totaled 8 million pounds. Foça, one of the well-known centers of national tourism, has a multi-purpose hall built in accordance with the texture of the district terminal and the Gerenköy neighborhood, which stands out as an important need of transportation, with the participation of İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu. Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who spoke at the opening of the election process with the inclusion and chaos policies to put into use, stating that the important statements made. The Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, described as eler two carrots extended to the people of Izmir “, called“ We don't do it if you don't want “.

We couldn't catch a carrot in Izmir.
14 per year 11 km. the rail line 179, thus substantially increasing the interest they and Mayor Kocaoglu reminded that they move with this system 700-800 thousand people a day, "this investment we had not done in order to move our citizens today that we would have to put in more of 1200 -1300 buses, then consider traffic. De We cannot put aside the struggle of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on its own by trying to increase the quality of life of our city by making good public transportation rather than driving in the center.

Reminding that Halkapınar-Otogar Metro line was kept on the agenda once more before the election, the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality said, ın In Istanbul and Ankara, they invested more than 1 billion Euros in the metro. They did not even invest in 5 pounds in Izmir. For years, they're going to do 'Halkapınar-Otogar', there is still no sound. We have proposed Buca, Narlıdere, no sound from them. We gave 1 million liras to Kamil Tunca Boulevard for the State Railways which filed a lawsuit for Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Now the high-speed train will pass through there, they show the metro line as carrots, but we could not catch this carrot in Izmir, geç he said.

Once again he replied that he supported the Gulf Transition Project and continued his words as follows: I always say 'we want'; Do it now! Project ready, ready contractor; If the contractor is ready for the tender, it is a separate issue. Now this is one of the carrots extended on election. We couldn't catch these carrots as Izmirites. Biz

Where is the AKP municipality?
President of the Provincial Chairman of the AKP Aydin Sengul'de "jointly moves with the Metropolitan Municipality" criticized the President of the meeting Kocaoğlu, "I did not work with anyone until now, I have not attempted any questionable work. They also say 'enough is CHP municipalism'. I can't see the AKP municipality! 15 per year went to Kadir Bey, 25 went to Melih Bey for a year, went to Altepe in Bursa, went to Balıkesir, Niğde, Düzce. If there is such a thing as AKP municipalism and it is good, why did these men go? Municipality starts with loving people. Her city starts with loving nature. Instead of improving the quality of life of the Mayor 'how much money do I provide rent from the land' does not look at. Despite all the pressures and restrictions, CHP municipalities are writing epics in Izmir. Turkey even show the world how it's done in these circumstances municipality, "he said.

Don't play house!
Although the EIA received the criticism of the work started on the bay also responding to the President Kocaoglu, "I do not know, but because of the lack of issues to empty the mess trying to mix up," he said.
EIA report to State Railways "You can do this job, the institution, you can enlarge the port," he reminded the Metropolitan Mayor, "He also says that if you make the circulation channel, the gulf is cleared more, oxygen increases, live increases; reach the target of the swimable bay and extend the life of the bay. It's one of the biggest recycling projects in the world.

Project will be done; technique, technology, how to be determined, then proceed to the road. We are going to the tender. You're saying 'do it' do not play the house. How many locations did you block for solid waste disposal? Blocking! Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's garbage separation plants will do well in knowledge, in money, reputation is there, "he said.

Credit grade answer
Referring to the criticism of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's high credit ratings received with the money, Mayor Kocaoglu said: “International credit rating agencies conduct audits and receive wages in return. If I get 10 pounds from me, the central government gets 100 pounds. They prepare this report for which the municipality wants it. The same organizations reduce the rating of the central government, increase the level of İzmir or keep it fixed. If these high grades are taken with money, you give money, you buy! He doesn't write these things in my book. If those things happen with money, you can do it perfectly. You take the 3A and put a star on it. X

They come from Istanbul you are directed to Izmir.
Underlining the importance of the local administration in the recent years, especially in favor of white-collar President Kocaoglu said, pay They say that this is not the success of the Metropolitan. You did not invest; We are roasted in Izmir with our own oil. However, we invested more than the central government. We have made significant contributions to environment, culture and art. You did your mayor, from Ankara, you directed, Istanbul came from white collar to Izmir ... even if our our success, because you're coming from failure .. People Free, did not interfere in the way of life, the wife and kids to come to read in such an environment Izmir ' e .. that also this, CHP İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and the district municipalities are. CHP's local people, children, women, money, life is the gaze, CH he said.

Thanks from Demirağ
Mayor of Foça, Gökhan Demirağ, who spoke at the ceremony, said: Gök The openings here can be considered as adventures. Aziz Kocaoglu is the person who puts the tourism pillar of development at the head of important projects. Foca excavation work, pedestrianization, the city traffic in which we have been reduced. Foçalı as Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu'na, I would like to thank many thanks for being an example. Fo

Both aesthetic and functional
The multi-purpose hall, opened by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Gerenköy, will add a distinctive color to the social life of this settlement based on the historical 1860s. Hall 1500 was established in the square meter area. The foyer, which is arranged separately at the upper and lower entrances, the multipurpose area and stage that can be used as a sports field, 270 personality telescopic tribune, administrative unit, coach room, meeting rooms and changing rooms. This new space where activities such as culture, art and sports can be done together is completed with a stylish square that stands out with its aesthetic richness and original design.

Flying to Foca terminal
The district terminal, built just below the historical windmills at the entrance of Foça from Izmir, fascinates its visitors with its magnificent sea view. The terminal, which will enable ESHOT buses and private minibuses to be loaded and unloaded in a larger and more regular area, was designed and built to meet all the needs of the passengers. 13 500 5.5 40 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

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