Communication and Anger Control Training for Drivers in Kocaeli

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues its in-service training. The Human Resources and Education Department provided a seminar on Effective Communication Skills, Anger Control and Stress Management to the 150 driver who is working in the Public Transportation Department and TransportationPark Inc. The seminar, organized with the support of Turkey Municipalities Union Dr. Mustafa Öztürk provided training to driver personnel about public relations, group team management, motivation and professional ethics.

A training seminar was organized by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in order to further increase passenger and driver interaction, to increase the quality of service delivery and to control the stress experienced by the drivers during the day. The Ness Hotel's 2 daily program continued with the demonstrations of the bus drivers, slides and video shows. In the training seminar supported by presentations, Interesting and practical tactics were given by Mustafa Ozturk.

At the seminar held at The Ness Hotel, Dr. Mustafa Ozturk; Dır Communication is the sharing of feelings, thoughts, knowledge and behavior among living things. The need for effective communication has become one of the most basic needs of our age. Smile. How you get the passenger on the bus, you get the reaction. When the passenger gets on the car, he may be uptight but if you say good morning, good day, good evening, he will get a little soft. This behavior will continue with his other people behaving very friendly.

Communication may be positive or negative. For healthy communication, ie for effective communication, individuals need to meet in a common language where they speak and exchange information in this way. Effective communication is necessary to enable people to communicate their feelings and thoughts or information accurately to the person in daily life. For effective communication, individuals need to be trustworthy, empathic, respectful and accommodating, consistent, relevant. While many people are aware of them, they fail because they cannot adequately adopt the necessity of these features. The purpose of these trainings is to create this awareness Bu. Training seminars will continue for other driver personnel. At the end of the 5 training, the 750 driver will be trained.

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