Train Station for Children from Kepez

Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü gave his children the train library 23 in April. President Hakan Tütüncü, "Children, like candy in a colorful train wagon, the pleasure of reading in a different way," he said.

The Municipality of Kepez opened the ütüph train library çocuklar, which the children intend to love to read in a colorful environment, at the 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day.

Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü presented a train library to his beloved children after the Anatolian Toy Museum in DokumaPark.

President Hakan Tütüncü brought train to Antalya where there is no train transportation for the children. The long-term rented 25 meter-long wagon from the State Railways (TCDD) was brought to Antalya by a special trench and was placed on the rails formed at DokumaPark.

The interior of the train car was rearranged and turned into a colorful library and workshop for children.

The opening ceremony of the train library, which was presented by President Tütüncü to the children, was held at 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day.

“We are the municipality of the children“

President Tütüncü made a speech at the ceremony, which started with the concert of Kepez Municipality Children's Choir. When we look back at this point, we see that we have fulfilled this promise. The social living spaces that we have produced for our children and the education that we have given to our children have actually strengthened their march to the bright future and continue to be. Um

TCDD's train will make children like books

Train library with young people and children in a different environment to love the love of reading that they aim to make Tütüncü, continued as follows: the opening of the train wagon, TCDD scrap was reserved. We rented this wagon from Haydarpasa Train Station for long term rental from TCDD. Then we brought the train to Dinar where maintenance and repair will be done.

We built the outside of the wagon here from scratch. Then we brought the historical train to a weaving parcel with a special trolley. We put the train car on the rails we built and turned the interior into a beautiful library. The train car, some of which would serve as a library and the other as a work workshop, was something colorful like sugar. Bir

Book visitor to 380 bin visitor

President Hakan Tütüncü noted that the children will enjoy the pleasure of reading in a colorful train like candy, and said: kayded Children will experience reading books in the train library and the library in a very special way. If we want to make children like reading books, we should make reading fun. With the train library, we wanted our children to have a good connection with the book. Antalya's largest 2 weeks ago, we have made Turkey one of the most distinguished book fairs. Full 380 thousand visitors toured our book fair. More than 50 percent of the visitors were high school, middle school and elementary school students. Our exhibition was a very special work in terms of loving the book and gaining reading habits. We make reading books very different with the train library. Tren

Good news for the train museum

Mayor Tütüncü, who gave children a museum gospel, said, servis We will move our schools to the train library with services. We will do very nice workshops here. We're building a nice station building behind the train. We're going to make this building a train museum for the kids. Turkey's railway adventure will describe in this museum. "He said.
After his speech, Tütüncü, his wife Dr. Ayşe Tütüncü, AK Party Kepez District Chairman Mustafa Erol, council members, municipal bureaucrats, representatives of public and non-governmental organizations and cut the ribbon with children, opened the service of the train library.

President Hakan Tütüncü, toured the train library with his retinue. Children will be able to use the train library for free on the 7 day of the week.



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