Channel to be built at Istanbul Logistics Base

The Domestic Transporters Association, where all transporters come together and join forces, is currently constructing Europe's largest logistics base in Kanal Istanbul.

It has been thought that it is more accurate to share the problems of the domestic transporters with the sector members, to reach the solutions together and to realize the defeats under one roof. Association (YND) was established.

YND President Sedat Hakan Karataş introduced the largest logistics base in Europe, which will be built next to Kanal Istanbul at the launch dinner held at XINX 20 April 2018.

In addition, as YND, in which every issue is solved digitally, it is introduced in its software that will quickly follow and resolve all kinds of control, solution and complaint of customers and companies with the new writing created in order to fulfill the requirements of the age and to accelerate the sector.

Mustafa Topaloğlu, Gökhan Güney, Nuri Alço, Bayhan, Burçin Birben YND President Sedat Hakan Karataş addressed to the guests at the dinner with the support and participation of many celebrities, said that they came together to find solutions to the problems they are representative of the domestic service.

The members of the association, not only a part of the sector, transport, brokers, truckers, organizations and storage units with a strong staff with the aim of providing services, said they aim to provide services.

Representing HDI Insurance, Sevgi Gül, Head of Insurance Insurances, representing HDI Insurance, represented Hakan Meral, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Günce Insurance, representing the insurance company.

Founded in February 2017 and continues to grow with new members every day, YND will ensure that the problems of the transporters, who are the solution partner of many companies in the sector, from production to food, health to construction sector, will be taken into consideration and resolved by authorized channels.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 18:27

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