Kahramanmaras Metropolitan 7 Overpasses

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality started to work on the overpasses for pedestrians as well as tunnel underpasses in order to eliminate the congestion in traffic.

By the Municipality of Kahramanmaras, the 7 overpass will be built at the densely populated areas where pedestrian density is observed.

Overpasses to be built by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kahramanmaraş; The front of the Cyprus Square, Yunus Emre Residence House, Sekerdere Street on the 2, the front of the Dental Hospital, the front of Abdülhamithan Mosque, Ibrahim Çalık High School was designated as the front.

The foundations of the overpass to the Cyprus Square will be laid, while the other regions will start working in an urgent manner.

4 pieces of escalators, closed type 2 handicapped elevator, night decorative illumination, elevator with elevator and pedestrian overpass will be built as integrated with Kahramankart.



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