İzmiris await the gospel of the Gulf Crossing Project

During the visit of Prime Minister Binali Yildirim to Izmir, about the Gulf Crossing Project, esi We made all kinds of preparations. We expect Izmir to be ready ”said the statement made the citizen happy.

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim Izmir visit last weekend, 'crazy project' by referring to the Gulf Transition Project, 'We made all kinds of preparations, the project is ready, suitors are ready. We expect Izmir to be ready. When you say 'do you want to do the project' in Izmir, we will start the project. Because our mouths are burned. Izmir to make stat statues to give way. Unfortunately, various inhibitions continue today. But we stubbornly stand behind the business. Ama Inciralt 2. Generation Platform President Tayfun Karabulut, Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan's 'Inciraltı Gulf Crossing' about the “EIA is over and we will complete the reconstruction work soon, and this year we will be auctioned da with the statement that the government gives to Izmir, Izmir he said he was behind the word.


Karabulut indicating that the traffic of Izmir is intensifying with each passing day, '' the Gulf Crossing project has found a great support in the city. The date of the tender will be announced and it will be the 'wedding day' of the day when the first excavation will be shot. The İzmir Bay Transition Project is an environmental benefit project with a vital importance for Izmir. From Karşıyaka to Balçova, you will be able to cross the 6 in two minutes by car. At the same time, the tram line with the railway line will be provided by our city as the necklace will be entangled. Our government will be wearing a necklace to our city, a beautiful girl. Izmir Gulf Pass, which will be used by all the people of Izmir, is no longer Izmir's luxury, but its need. İzmir Gulf Crossing will provide transportation between the north and south sides of the city in a very short time without entering the city. The number of vehicles entering the city will reduce the number of vehicles, will relax the traffic, giren he said.


Karabakh, who stated that the lack of Izmir Bay Crossing was considered to be a lacking study in the '2030 Transportation main draft plan' prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality, said: Mr. Aziz Kocaoğlu, the mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, has publicly announced that he has been supporting İzmir Gulf Crossing which is many times the city needs. We wholeheartedly believe that this project will be a benefit to the benefit of İzmir and the benefit of the public. With the realization of İnciraltı planning and the Gulf Transition, our city will undergo an economic revolution. İnc


Opened Turkey's longest previous years, the world's 4. Tayfun Karabulut emphasized that the longest suspension bridge lar Osman Gazi Bridge zarar and Hersek Lagoon were located near the center. ”The project was redesigned with a radius of two thousand meters in order not to damage the flamingos and migration routes in the lagoon of Hersek during the construction of the bridge. With this feature, it has taken its place among the structures showing the importance given to nature and biodiversity. We believe that the same sensitivity will be experienced in İzmir Bay Pass. Izmir lover President Erdoğan and Prime Minister Yildirim, the good news of Izmir, waiting impatiently, '' he said.

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