Tram in Izmir but Not Traffic

The tram lines from Halkapınar to Fahrettin Altay have been newly built, but were very popular with the public. The tram 1, which has not yet completed its first month, will make free trips until July. Tram and rent prices did not affect the house much

We asked the opinion of the real estate agents in Alsancak and Karşıyaka about the proximity and distance of the tram line and the changes in the real estate prices. The passing of the tram line is not the only factor in the increase in property prices. Halil Türkoğlu, a real estate agent in the Martyrs of Alsancak, said that he has not understood anything from the tram yet, and that he is still free, and that the sale or leasing of houses is not tied to tram stops. İZBAN, bus and ferry stops as well as seasons affect prices. In Alsancak, while tram, bus and ferry services were available, the tram was an unnecessary attempt. We can go to the Basmane Railway Station from Alsancak during 1 hours. Because of the tram, the traffic of the district was worse than the traffic in Istanbul. That's why the tram hurts more than the public.

Opens customers with flowers

British Rodman Gil Ostrander, who entered the real estate sector in 1971, stated that it started in Canada and that RE / MAX works in the construction industry in Canada and the United States. Rodman Gil said that he loved the tram and said that the tram did not make a big change on the real estate prices and that everything was stable. Fiyat I know that 19 performed this job in the country. The prices are an increase of% 30, but this is not because of the tram but rather the economy. The tramway road has little to do with it, and it is usually about the seasons. For example, with the flowers in spring, customers also open for us. This is the case in every country. We are in a market called spring market. The tramway itself has no effect when viewed. IZBAN, bus lines, whether the proximity to the motorway, whether the proximity to the tramway affects the whole of them. You can't put the car at a separate corner by isolating the tram kö. Lastly, Ostrander said that while the tram was still under construction, he was not in Izmir, he came to Izmir from Istanbul last year, and he did not have any information about the loss or loss of customers at that time.

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