How to Get to Istanbul New Airport

29 3 will be officially opened in October. work at the terminal building of the airport has come to an end. Only 1 will have separate doors for boarding at the 19 terminal building. In order to walk from one end of the terminal to the next 5 building, it will be necessary to travel a distance of 6 kilometers. Zeynep Karamustafa from Cnntürk, Transport Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan talked to the new airport.

1 3 all planes as of November. take-off and take-off to the airport. The terminal building is almost complete. It will be the largest terminal building in Europe. The number of bellows used by passengers in boarding and landing was also increased. Minister Arslan said, Bakan We will be able to serve 114 aircraft at the same time. But some of them will be double bellows. For him 143 will be blind, Onun he said.

There will be no density in front of the door when boarding

Atatürk Airport can no longer meet the current passenger density. She's already had the capacity. 3. perhaps the most noticeable thing at the airport; gates Only 1 has separate doors in the 19 terminal building. In other words, passengers will board 19 on a separate door, so there will be no density in front of the door. The 1 to open. now the preparations are over. The finishing touches are being made.

No problem with luggage waiting

One of the most common problems is the waiting time for luggage. Minister Arslan stating that this problem will not happen at the new airport, yaşan There will be many convoys. When the passenger leaves the plane and goes to the gym, he will be able to get his luggage immediately. Waiting for a few minutes, 'Didn't my luggage arrive or not?' There will not be such troubles as well gibi.

Airport metro to end next year

Speaking about the metro line that will provide access to the airport, Minister Arslan said, “The construction of the Gayrettepe-airport subway continues. We hope to end it next year. Gayrettepe-airport subway also Halkalıor it will be extended. Halkalı's will be integrated with the Marmaray system,' 'he said.

What about the fate of Atatürk Airport?

Minister Arslan, said the answer to this question:

Ed Atatürk Airport will continue to serve as a general aviation. Our guests, who come with private jet training planes from abroad with their private plane, will serve in that sense including our guests. All of the commercial journeys will be here. Istanbul and Turkey will begin using the world's largest airport as of November 1. "

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