İMO Bursa Urban Transformation, Transportation and Earthquake Warning

Chamber of Civil Engineers Bursa Branch 16. Board of Directors of the Term; held a press conference for the new earthquake regulation, urban transformation, transportation, professional problems of its members and explanations about the construction sector. İMO Bursa BranchChairman of the İMO Bursa Branch, Mehmet Albayrak and board members attended the press conference. Februaryin the ordinary general assembly held at the meeting held with the members of the 2 goals in relation to the year, indicating that Albayrak, the city and the country made important statements on issues that are closely related to the agenda. 2 stated that they will continue to seek solutions to the problems of the city with the understanding of responsibility that has been going on in the past years.


Albayrak, en The biggest innovation brought by our regulation “ in our country. and 5. Degreeremoval of earthquake zones classified as. Instead, the distances to the fault lines According to the Earthquake Acceleration Values ​​are taken into consideration. In other words, the coordinates of the plot of the land to be constructed on Afad's web page have been entered into the relevant field and the basis of the calculations of the earthquake acceleration records to be obtained has been entered into our professional life. Yani Albayrak said: yap According to the rules of our new regulation, another important situation is the land with the worst soil structure (with the necessary precautions). 7.00 mt. building will be possible not to exceed the altitude. We would also like to point out that the rule of the old buildings to be adapted to the new regulations will cause difficulties in the construction sector. However, these problems should be dealt with when it comes to life safety. In the new regulation in which the use of the lowest C25 quality is foreseen, the necessity of using a vibrator during concrete casting is clearly written. The smallest column size is now set to 30 cm. En


1980Bursa, which has been continuously migrating due to industrializationAlbayrak stated that it has become fatigued, cumbersome, irregular and needs urgent treatment. Albayrak said: ı Urban transformation; It should be used in districts such as Yıldırım, Osmangazi and Gemlik to renew the worn building stock and to minimize the risks in the regions. However, the studies carried out in planned and value-oriented areas such as Nilüfer district could not be prevented from turning into a vehicle of rent. It should be passed. Urban transformation studies need to be put into place by passing a long planning phase with common reason. In addition to many other factors, there are three important pillars: economic factors, legal factors and social factors.


Albayrak continued his statement as follows: ü At the point we came to, the studies on the solution of the problem turned into a big problem. 19 year over the Gulf earthquake; 2012 6306 6 year in the 60 year after the problem, as in the middle of the problem stands. Steps taken with big dreams; Unfortunately, the process is not able to correctly set the point behind the starting point. Urban transformation has to come out of the concept of destruction. Because, considering the economic situation of our country, it is possible to make our buildings resistant to earthquakes by strengthening and rebuilding all of our buildings. Taking into consideration the XNUMX less costly reinforcement concept, it is once again understood that urban transformation studies need to be handled with a holistic approach by working on an island-based or more regional scale, not on the basis of parcels. Yüzde


Bursain the recent past Albayrak said, me We need to look at the big picture for the solution. Other than that, they are palliative and provide only temporary comfort. It will enable people to live in the city where they were born, employment, education, health and so on. To establish facilities and thus prevent internal migration is the most effective and permanent solution. It should be ensured that citizens benefit from fast, comfortable, cheap and high quality without public transport. Pedestrianization should be restricted to private vehicle access to the city center. As another solution to the extreme transportation demand in the morning and evening peak hours with the so-called demand management system, shifting the start and end hours of overtime should be spread in the morning 07.00-10.00, evening 16.00-20.00 hours of peak hour traffic. In this way, more efficient and efficient use of the vehicles such as the rail system, bus, minibus and service vehicles in the existing public transportation system as well as the capacity of private vehicles to benefit from the highway will be ensured. Bursa should be freed from being confined to a single-center settlement. In the current situation, Acemler and Heykel have the status of a single center. The agglomeration in certain centers should be avoided. Bel


Albayrak ended his speech as follows: ay Bursayalook here will tell us more than what is said. Distinct urbanization, unique Bursa Plain formed by first class agricultural landsday by day, the construction of the city in the city, the air pollution is felt a little more, the city of water more and more, the city of waterthe problematic use of surface and groundwater shows that we are now at the end of the word. How will we lead the heir to the next generations by mismanaging the trust entrusted to us? Without calculating, will we fade away silently with the mistakes we made? Never. It should not be forgotten: not to try to correct the correct applications, not to make those mistakes from the beginning. This is only possible through education. Bursa; as it used to be 'Green Bursa' is not called. Therefore, we think that every step should be taken correctly. Atıl

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