II. International Metrorail Forum at Istanbul Congress Center on October 4-5

In the Maritime Transport and Communications Ministry of our patronage, Infrastructure, General Directorate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Metro Istanbul, Republic of Turkey State Railways together with the support and patronage of 4-5 October from Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center will 2 days will be held an international forum.

The aim of the Forum is to bring together the institutions and organizations related to the sector and to enable the companies to make their sales and marketing to the right people.

· You will come together with public decision makers, subcontractors, subcontractors, suppliers and other stakeholders, and you will find the necessary environment for the 2020 billion Euro metro investments planned to be built in Istanbul until 10 and to form partnerships.

· Planned until xnumx'y Metro Lines Istanbul and in Turkey in order to have accurate information about Metro Industry.

· A comprehensive program including the most important issues encountered by the metro, tunnel and railway construction companies will be waiting for you in this event by key managers for the regional industry.

· With the intense participation of decision-makers, you will have the opportunity to get up-to-date information on developments in the public sector and different policies in different regions and to update your strategy.

· You will be under the same roof for two days with public representatives, business partners and suppliers. You will have the opportunity to learn about the latest state of the metro, railway and tunnel technologies.

· You will learn what your pioneers and competitors are doing, and what technologies they use.

· Apart from that, you are able to get detailed information about the projects that will take place in Turkey.

Things to do in Metro Rail forum;

1. Using BIM in Relevant Systems

BIM Applications In Rail Systems

2. Native Applications and Requirements in Relevant Systems

Nationalization and Essentials in Rail Systems

Rail Project and Future Projections on xnumx.türkiye

U Nuri Demirağ Special Session “

Rail System Projects in Turkey and Foresights

Ession Nuri Demirağ Dedicated Session “

4.Türk Companies Rail System Applications Abroad

Successful Applications

Applications of Rail Systems in Turkish

Abroad-Best Practices

  1. Rail System Mega Projects and Technical Details

Mega Projects

  1. Domestic and Foreign Finance Models in Rail System Projects

Financial Models: Turkish and Foreign Practices

topics such as;

Organizing Committee

Professor Dr. Prof. Dr. Ali Osman ATAHAN (ITU)
Professor Dr. Khaled Abdelazim ABBAS (ITU)
Y. Eng. Feriha MERT (IMM)
Y. Eng. I. Ethem DEMİRCİ (Metro İstanbul)
Ziba AKARCALI (Senbay Kolin Kalyon)
advisory Board
Professor Dr. Prof. Dr. Ali Osman ATAHAN (ITU)
Y. Eng. S. Özge ARIOĞLU (Building Center)
Hamdi AYDIN ​​(EMAY)
Contact Emel directly
Ismail Bulut (TCMA)
Dr. Kamil EREN (Geotech)
İbrahim ÖZ (Railway Transport Association)
Gönül TALU (Doğuş Construction)
S. Zeliha ÖZKÖK (Kalyon Construction)

For detailed information, you can review our www.metrorailforum.org you can visit

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