IETT will use IVU Software for Bus and Driver Planning

IETT will perform the planning of buses and drivers in the standard operating planning system IVU.plan.

One of the world's most vibrant metropolitan cities will soon be using IVU Traffic Technologies IVU.plan software. IETT, the Istanbul public transport operator, will plan the blocks and missions of buses and drivers in IVU.plan, the world-wide standard operating planning system. Leading optimization algorithms at IVU.plan will provide maximum efficiency and savings in IETT.

IETT, one of the largest bus operators in the world, provides reliable public transportation services in Istanbul, where the population of 15 million is Europe and Asia. The IETT's extensive transport network also includes the BRT Metrobus system that carries the 7 and even 1 million passengers per day between the two continents. IETT is planning the 6.000 bus and 5.000 driver to provide all these services. All of these resources will be planned in the most efficient way with IVU.plan in the future.

With its versatile mathematical algorithms, IVU products can easily process large data of high intensity, such as in Istanbul. "Managing large fleets of different modes of transport in a single, integrated IT system that can deliver a wide range of functional features is a tremendous challenge," adds Martin Müller-Elschner, CEO of IVU Traffic Technologies AG. Inden This project, which we have started at IETT, is also an indication that IVU products can easily overcome the difficulties in the international arena “. IVI partner in this project, working together with Turkey ZETA Group.

Günceleme: 24/12/2018 22:40

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