IBB Assembly Approves IETT's 2017 Year Annual Report

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council approved the 2017 Year Activity Report of the General Directorate of IETT. IETT General Manager Ahmet Bagis presented the report to the Assembly, technological solutions and complaints given to the drivers decreased the passenger satisfaction, increased passenger satisfaction, he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, April meetings 4. In the merger, IETT discussed the 2017 Annual Report. IETT General Manager Ahmet Bağış who presented the activity report to the Assembly, IETT 147 years of service by increasing the quality of public transport service to Istanbul by specifying, 5 bin 446 employee and 6 269 24 vehicle, offering hours of uninterrupted service said.

Ahmet Bagis, hizmet Metrobus, Nostalgic Tram and Tunnel are serving our people. With our 4,99 bin 3 bus, 130 bin 12 stop, 851 stop and 759, we offer service to all corners of Istanbul. At the same time, we are conducting and controlling the vehicles of Private Public Buses and Buses Co. We are working to provide safe, comfortable and timely public transportation service to Istanbul residents with the total 6 bin 269 vehicle including IETT vehicles. As IETT, we have included 8 in our new vehicle fleet with 6 engine with Euro 419, which is suitable for handicapped access with XNUMX year maintenance, repair and service preparation guarantee. The awards we have received and our rising reputation have been realized with the contribution of our Mayor Mr. Mevlüt Uysal and your valuable council and our employees at all levels Ald.


In order to increase the motivation, satisfaction and knowledge of the employees, they hold driver meetings in the garages every week, award the most successful 2017 employees of 354, and in the manager-driver meetings event, sohbet Ahmet Bağış said that with the Performance Based Job Assignment Model, drivers can choose the lines they will work with according to their performance scores.

Thanks to this model, Bagis said that they increased the trip rate by 3,5 and the punctuality rate was increased by 6,63 by 43,47. . Thanks to the Driver Mobile Learning program, stress management and communication with passengers were given. While the 31,96 thousand 17,69 drivers were satisfied with the trainings, the rate of satisfaction was 11,59 and the spread rate was 3. Now, our drivers have the opportunity to learn wherever they want with their E-Mobile application which they download to their smart phones. Corporate and professional development training our 482 year, officials 85 thousand 87 hours, workers 2017 thousand 16 hours, the Special Public Bus driver, totaling hour 357 thousand 137 084 thousand 17 hours 245 have given different training, "he said.


Bagis stated that they had realized the 'Captain Mansion Mobile Application' which has gathered many administrative procedures under a single roof in order to improve the communication with the drivers who are behind the wheel during the day.

Iz Training activities of the drivers, performance monitoring, timeliness information, registration information, demand and recommendation operations, past accident information, payroll and permit information, job selection and daily work list, driver's navigation, even stall and route information, breakdowns during voyage it is possible to be notified via the application. Also included are the 'I'm in Safe' and 'I'm in danger' buttons designed for emergency use. Acil


IETT General Manager Ahmet Bagis stated that 20 productivity increase, 18 million travel increase and 8 million 246 million TL saving yearly XNUMX million TL have been achieved with the improvement they made in metrobust, and the following information was given;
Ları We have been able to intervene more quickly in emergency situations with the motorized teams we have created at 5 point in Metrobüs line, and we started to monitor passenger density and folding status in stations and vehicles in real time with RİTİM project. In order to minimize the accidents on the Metrobus line, we started to test the tracking distance warning system, the accident warning system and the strip violation warning system. Thus, we aimed to prevent accidents caused by human error. We started to provide free internet service for our passengers in all our vehicles. We are working on expanding WiFi internet and USB charging services to all our tools. Wi


With the application of Akyolbil, IETT General Manager Bagis emphasized that the facilities such as voice communication with the driver, voice communication with driver, emergency management system, canbus, early-late warning system, accident warning system, instant warning system and fingerprint reader will be activated. said that they were careful to create a structure.

8 year guaranteed vehicle purchase model and service procurement tenders together with all IETT fleet maintenance and repair operations started to use by expressing Ahmet Bagis, IETT 2017 1 year 332 942 752 2017 1 809 TL 520 TL, 627 Year Expense Budget, XNUMX billion XNUMX million XNUMX thousand XNUMX said the TL occurred.


In order to lead the technology race in Turkey voicing start the Autonomous Electric Vehicle project Ahmet donation, "in which we have designed the nostalgic tram concept electric vehicle size vans, accessible for disabled people, 14 people have a capacity of producing. In addition, we started the solar energy request at the stops and made 850 thousand stalls lighting with 3 solar power. In 2016, we expanded the Black Box project and put them into the 895 vehicle. Akyolbil v.2 project with 2018 in the whole of our fleet are black boxed UM said.

By renewing the MOBİETT application they serve in total 12 language, they have facilitated the use of disabled users.


2017 units in 6, 2 units to Novi Pazar and 30 units to Ghana were sent to 178, thus, the number of buses delivered abroad was 196. sent the work to continue.

In the 2013, they launched the Nostalgic Buses Animation Project with the 10 nostalgic bus to Istanbul. Bagis stated that they have been replacing some of the buses that have served in Istanbul for many years.

IETT, who is a follower of 342 bin 500 on Twitter, is the second brand that uses Twitter best among 2017 brand in 1904 by the independent evaluator organization. recalled that they won separate national and international awards.

Bagis added that the IETT Football Team was the European champion in the 2017 Corporate Cup Games in Leverpool in May and World champion in the Huston tournament in November.

After the meeting on behalf of the AK Party and the CHP parliament members expressed their views and suggestions. The 2017 Annual Report of the IETT General Directorate, which was submitted to the vote, was approved by a majority vote of the members of the assembly, with the 141 acceptance 77 rejection.

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