How to Get to Istanbul New Airport

Work has ended at the terminal building of the 29rd airport, which will be officially opened on 3 October. Only one terminal building will have 1 separate gates for boarding the aircraft. A distance of 19 kilometers will be required to walk from one end of the terminal, which will consist of a total of 5 buildings. Zeynep Karamustafa from Cnntürk spoke with the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan to reach the new airport.

As of November 1, all planes will land and take off at the 3rd airport. The terminal building is almost complete. When it is finished, it will be the largest terminal building in Europe. The number of blowers used by the passengers on boarding and landing has also been increased. Minister Arslan said, “We will be able to serve 114 aircraft at the same time. However, some of them will be double bellows. We will have 143 blindness for him. ”

There will be no density in front of the door when boarding

Atatürk Airport can no longer meet the current passenger density. She's already had the capacity. 3. perhaps the most noticeable thing at the airport; gates Only 1 has separate doors in the 19 terminal building. In other words, passengers will board 19 on a separate door, so there will be no density in front of the door. The 1 to open. now the preparations are over. The finishing touches are being made.

No problem with luggage waiting

One of the most common problems is luggage waiting time. Stating that this problem will not be experienced at the new airport, Minister Arslan said, “There will be many converters. When the passenger leaves the plane and goes to the hall, he will be able to take his luggage immediately. I waited for minutes and asked, 'Is my luggage come or not?' "There will be no problems like" he said.

Airport metro to end next year

Speaking about the metro line that will provide transportation to the airport, Minister Arslan said, “The construction of the Gayrettepe-airport metro is ongoing. I hope we will finish it next year. Gayrettepe-airport metro Halkalıwill be either elongated. HalkalıWe will integrate with the Marmaray system in. ”

So what will be the fate of Atatürk Airport?

Minister Arslan, said the answer to this question:

“Atatürk Airport will continue to serve as we call general aviation. Private jets training planes will serve in this sense, including our guests, who come from abroad with their private aircraft. All commercial journeys will be here. Istanbul and Turkey, the world's largest airport will start operating as of November 1st. "

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