Historic Ottoman Wheat Market Underground Storey Car Park Opens Service

The underground car park of 1000 vehicles in the historical Ottoman Wheat Market, which was completed by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality, begins to serve from April to April.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, the work undertaken in the History of the Ottoman Wheat Market, one of the sample projects in Turkey continue intensively, making the project opens up the completion of the underground storey car service.

Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Akyürek stated that the historical Ottoman Wheat Market project which will make the region an attraction center in the Bedesten region will be the center of attraction in the region. .

The parking lot is completed at the end of the 2017, but the construction on top, and due to various risks, this time left to enter the recording of President Akyürek, the parking lot to enter the service of the region's shopkeepers and customers would be relieved about the parking lot said.

President Akyürek wished the car park would be beneficial for Konya.

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