Hikayeli Train Stations

story train stations
story train stations

Considering a train station, there is also a turtle living, a gigantic clock on its roof. Ce Here are thousands of people every day, the closest witness to farewell and meeting moments, magnificent train stations Bir

Yaroslavsky Station Moscow / Russia
One of the nine main railway stations in Moscow is Yaroslavsky. First opened at 1862, the garage is famous for its decorations on the roof and the piano player in the station.

Grand Central Terminal, New York / USA
The Grand Central Terminal was built at 1913. The carefully decorated terminal still has an elite look with its historical texture. The terminal is the world's largest railway station with the 44 platform. The famous Garage of Men, Black, Bad Boys, The Godfather, is a popular tourist attraction.

Haydarpasa Train Station in Istanbul / Turkey
Haydarpasa Train Station, opened to service in 1908, is very special with its seafront location. Designed as the beginning of the Istanbul-Baghdad Railway line at the beginning, the gar was a guest of Turkish films with its huge clock on its roof. The station, which has been closed since the 2012, is scheduled to be opened by the end of this year.

Estacion de Atocha Madrid / Spain
Madrid's largest railway station 1851 began operations in. Inside the grove, there are giant trees, various tropical plants and rare turtles. When you enter, you witness an extraordinary view.

Tanggula Mountain Railway Station, Tibet / China
Tanggula at the height of 5068 meters, the tallest tower in the world. The station takes its name from the proximity of the town of Amdo to Tanggulashan. The station connects China and Tibet with a unique landscape in winter.

Hauptbahnhof Berlin / Germany
The station in central Berlin opened in 2006. The station is surrounded by steel and glass structures and consists of two parts. The Hauptbahnhof is one of the most crowded stations with its 1800 train and 350 thousand passengers.

Helsinki Central / Finland
Opened to service at 1862, Helsinki Central stands out with its granite pavements and the magnificent clock tower. The average number of passengers per day 200 thousand passengers use features specific to Finland.

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