GAZİRAY, 2018 is planned to be completed at the end of the year

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, prepared to relieve the urban transportation of Gaziantep Small Industrial Site with the Organized Industrial Zone, which will connect 25 17 45 station with the distance between the Baspınar-Gaziantep-Mustafa Yavuz Stations Reconstruction Infrastructure and Superstructure Construction Works (GAZİRAY) Project studies are moving at full speed. Approximately XNUMX days before the end of the work started at the Grand Junction, the lower and upper structure of the region has been reshaped.

The city of Gazi will be built with iron networks from the beginning. The GAZİRAY Project will turn the train into a high-speed train. The Metropolitan Municipality, GAZİRAY and high-speed train lines, will make the footsteps of the reform in the transportation to Gaziantep people.

Within the scope of GAZİRAY Project costing 200 million TL, Metropolitan expropriated the buildings and trees on the route, and accelerated the works for the project that will bring vision to the city's vision. GAZİRAY'ya eye looking like the eyes of the Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Sahin 's efforts and the initiative to implement the giant project in a short period of time, brought the project to a certain point.

In order to provide alternatives in the transportation to the citizens of Gaziantep, the city worked day and night and changed the view of the city with its superstructure and superstructure works on the D-400 road and Grand Junction in the GAZİRAY project. State Railways located on Cyprus Street between Ali Fuat Cebesoy Boulevard and Grand Junction are nearing the end of the bridge.

GAZİRAY, which is one of the important works that will bring the city closer to the 2023 target, is planned to be completed by the end of 2018.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 18:19

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  1. Which trains will be used from the Gaziray project?

  2. Which trains will be used from the Gaziray project?

  3. ayneeen it's over look just like 2021 it's over ayneeen

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