Groundbreaking of Gaziantep's Rail System GAZIRAY

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, "If you are going to do municipalities such as the Metropolitan Municipality President Fatma Sahin will do," he said. Arslan, who came to Gaziantep together with the Minister of Justice Abdülhamit Gül to attend a series of inquiries and investigations, attended the groundbreaking ceremony of GAZİRAY, which was organized by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony at the Station Square, Arslan said, aks If you want such a project, you will work first, and you will prepare the master plan. "You do this much, I'll do this project," he will project us. We will do the project together. Service to this nation and people will not be able to produce a project. Gaziantep Mayor and his team would do the same way. Congratulations to our president and his team. While we are making this GAZİRAY, we are paying 580 million TL as a ministry. Our Metropolitan Municipality welcomes 520 million TL. This is what business is doing together, this is the partnership. Ber

Arslan stated that there is a need for more ways for Gaziantep to have easy access to industrial, commercial and production areas, and that this was done by Mayor of Fatma Şahin. Arslan stated that they support Şahin as their own ministry and added: ı We see that the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality has made GAZİRAY, which will facilitate the lives of the people of the city, as well as the roads he has made in the city. Approximately 100 km of GAZİRAY, which will be transported by 5 bin Gaziantep, should go underground. We thought it was necessary for the integrity of the city. Şehr

1 billion 100 million TL GAZİRAY project in cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep Minister Arslan, 25 said the line will make the line as 4 line. 2 line said that the metro standard 2 line will also drop to 30 minutes of travel time, indicating that there are fast, freight and passenger trains. Arslan stated that their goal is to open the eastern part in 2019 and carry the 100 thousand passengers daily, and said that if the entire project is finished, 358 will be served to one thousand people per day.


15 annually 5 billion TL investment in Gaziantep as the Ministry of transfer of the transfer of Arslan, Gaziantep, 116 km divided road and 269 km to put them on the 385 km said they had a km. Arslan stated that the 12 projects in Gaziantep continued and the cost for these projects was 795 million TL.

Emphasizing that the roads between Gaziantep and surrounding cities and districts are also done, Minister Ahmet Arslan, Nizip-Birecik highway for the construction of the 50 km divided road construction site and said they had been examined. Arslan reported that the monetary value of the Nizip-Birecik road in Gaziantep is 220 million TL. 31 km Nizip-Karkamış divided road and the price of the hot asphalt 56 million TL, Islahiye-Hassa-Kırıkhan 31 km divided highway asphalt they said that they do.

The project cost of Gaziantep-Oğuzeli-Karkamış road is 46 million TL, Arslan, 12 km divided asphalt road made hot asphalts said.

The project cost of the road in the direction of Gaziantep-Narli-Kahramanmaras 117 million TL is reminiscent of Arslan, 17 km of road made hot asphalt, he said. 80km'lik Nurdagi-Osmaniye road, indicating that the asphalted Arslan, the project cost 30 milon TL said. On the road to Nurdağı-Musabeyli-Kilis, the 46 road will cover the surface and the project cost is 74 million TL. He said that the 8 km between Nurdağı and Kahramanmaras will be paved at the end of this year.

Justice Minister Abdülhamit Gül said that Gaziantep is a continuously developing and developing city. makes significant contributions to the growth and development of Turkey's Gul Says Thank You to Gaziantep, he recalled a dream project with GAZİRAY than realized.

Gul said that they had the pleasure of fulfilling the promises they had made in the last elections and that they carried out GAZİRAY with the support of the government and said that this project, which is very important for the workers working in the organized industrial zone, is the basis of today.

GAZİRAY'da both long distance transportation, as well as reminiscent of the provision of fast rail Minister, 25 km project with the end of the 16 station 350 will be moved over a thousand passengers said. In this context, production, industry and work life will increase further, Rose, on the other hand, will decrease the traffic density, he said.

1 billion 100 thousand TL budget GAZİRAY project is an ordinary project and not a small number emphasizing the Rose, in order to find these coins in the past borrowed money from foreign countries, he said. Gul of Turkey, but now says that this money is provided from its own resources. Gul, a stable management stems from this, he said.


Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, 2001 in the year they set out with the motto of serving the nation and the point reached today is very good, he said. Combining the hearts of the roads, opening the airline to citizens to provide important services Sahin, pointed out the importance of GAZİRAY for Gaziantep.

Sahin thanked the Minister Arslan for his support of GAZİRAY on behalf of the 2 million population and stated that the project had received positive support from the ministry.

24 June, Turkey xnumx'cü with these services are made Gaziantep even Turkey Sahin stated that they are committed to being xnumx'ci these services to stability, converting the confidence to proceed with sure steps towards becoming the world's largest economy overcome all obstacles, he said. Gaziantep reminded that Turkey's Sahin doubled grow, despite the war in beside them, 3 said that factory opened. Şahin said that they will touch the quality of life of citizens with these train tracks, and that this line, which will be organized between the organized industry and small industry, will increase the competitiveness of the city. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin stated that the development and growth power of the city will increase with these vision projects.

Following the speeches, the foundation of GAZİRAY was laid with the prayers made by the protocol members.

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