Eurasia Airshow Begins

Antalya is again hosting a very important organization. Eurasia Airshow, which brings together the brands and managers of the aviation sector, started. Mayor Menderes Türel said that Antalya is crowning the title of brand city with such important organizations and said '100 from more than 500 countries is making a worldwide organization in Antalya with the added value of more than one thousand 100 Büyük.

Speaking at the opening of Eurasia Airshow, which was organized in a special area between Antalya Airport and 25-29 in April, Menderes Türel, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, said that Antalya has been hosting important organizations in recent years. Prime Minister Recep conducted in Tayyip Erdogan, under the auspices of 'Eurasia Airshow in the global aviation industry of the Chairman pointed out that the most important organization Turel, "which is one of the industry's fastest growing countries, Turkey and the position of Turkey's guest room with Antalya, the first of many to be signed Airshow will be carried out with the activities to be taken a special importance. I would like to thank Mr. President for taking this organization under the auspices Say.

Antalya is crowning its title
Stating that Antalya is a world and brand city that is proudly told everywhere, President Türel continued his speech: bir Of course, being a world city is not easy. Being a brand city is not easy. However, with its infrastructure and superstructure, Antalya projects have now taken a significant distance on the way to becoming the world. It is crowning the title of the city of the world with extraordinary international and national organizations. In the last few years, very important international organizations have completed with great success. The G20 meeting of the twenty most developed countries of the world was successfully held. So much so that all the leaders were going to see the best of what we have seen so far, has made us proud. Before that, the NATO Summit and the organization of the equivalent of the Olympics were held with great success. All this caused the attention of the world to be translated into Antalya. Antalya brand value has benefited from a great value. Antalya

The eye of the world in Antalya
Eurasia Airshow, indicating that the interest be followed by the countries of the world President Turel, "where the meeting of the representatives of the aviation industry from 55 country, 5 of military and civilian flight crews from all over the world throughout the day for the first time in Turkey is important not to do the show here. Airlines CEO Summit to be held here for the first time in Turkey, the Aviators Women Symposium will be held in this organization is still first in Turkey in Antalya attracts all the attention. We are always happy to make firsts in Antalya. The commercial and military aviation sector is expected to develop around 10 billion dollars in business. The world city of Antalya, Turkey's world aerospace show where we find the opportunity on this occasion. 100 from more than 500 countries is close to a thousand. We are realizing a world-class organization in Antalya. Antalya

We are proud to have a home
Ve Eurasia Airshov will be held in the aviation sector with the participation of civilian and military companies from many countries such as Britain, Russia, Italy, USA, France and Iran. It is of great importance in terms of agreements and business volume.

The fact that Eurasia Airshow will be held every two years in our city reveals the importance of Antalya for the sector. Working with contemporary expressions of Antalya municipality with almost every aspect of the modern era dodges living conditions by supporting such organizations while in Turkey a role model in many aspects, "he said.
President Türel, the organization's happiness in hosting a house for everyone who expressed their thanks.

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