In Elazığ, they played the Screw and Iron Butterfly from the Train Tracks

In November, Xanthi in Sivrice district of Elazig used as a link to the trains used in trains, called the XRUMX iron screw and iron butterflies in the town of Elazig Kovancilar was seized in a scrapbook.

TCDD roads were stolen by the road last year, the materials were stolen, a scrap in a town located in the town of Kovanc, the tractor was loaded with the attention of the gendarmerie. 2,500 kg iron screw and iron butterflies were stolen in Sivrice district.

Following the investigation of the owner of the scrap shop M.B'nin M.B'nin, the IG and EE, according to his statement that the parties bought the Kovancılar district gendarmerie command teams launched operations.

As a result of the operation, the detained business owner MB was arrested on charges of acquiring or accepting the crime, while IG, FK and EE were taken into custody for theft.

As the interrogation of the detained persons continued, 2,5 tons of iron screws and Kelebek TCDD were found stolen.

It was learned that the investigation into the incident continues.

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