Düzce's Nostalgic Tram Affects Vehicle Traffic Negatively

Following the closure of Istanbul Street, especially street tradesmen took the flag of rebellion. Following the closure of the street after the sale of tradesmen who believe that the black land is considering. In addition, the tramway between Düzce Municipality and the Military Service Branch, which has an irregular route, also affects the traffic of certain arteries.

Duzce Municipality by the Provincial Traffic Commission with the 4 on the night of Istanbul, pedestrianized by pedestrian traffic on Istanbul's street, continues to be the subject of debate since the day it was closed to traffic.

Closing street trades did not work
Istanbul Street craftsmen, a street where the late-late citizen who went to his house in the evening before being closed to the vehicle traffic, stopped and exchanged, didn't have any work left in those days. While the discussions of es whether it was opened or closed ın were stopped, rebellions started to come in the direction of the street tradesmen.

Irregular tram service Düz
The tram, which was waiting for the public with curiosity on the pedestrianized Istanbul Street, started to operate on December in 13. Düzce Municipality in front of the front of the military service in front of the station serving the tram is irregular. The irregular operation of the scissors in front of Düzce Governorate and the Great Mosque negatively affects the vehicle traffic provided by certain arteries. In addition, the bells still play and the citizens are disturbing even if there is no crossing of the tram.

On the other hand, about a month since the 10 car traffic closed with the Istanbul Street, the citizens of this new order, yet could not get used to.

Source: Ö.YILMAZ - I www.oncurtv.co


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