World's First Electric Path Opened in Sweden

To eliminate the problem of charging and driving range of electric cars, the Swedish eRoadArlanda has redesigned the company 2 a kilometer way to recharge the vehicles. Sweden, which plans to reset fossil fuel use in 2030 through technology that cost one fifty of the tram cost, will expand the application

The first electric road in the world, which can charge the batteries of electric cars and heavy vehicles at the time of driving, opened in Sweden.

The government has already prepared plans for expansion of the government for the system, which was installed by laying an electric rail on the 2 kilometer length near the capital, near the capital Stockholm.

As of 2030 in Sweden, within the scope of plans to clean the country from fossil fuels, the use of fossil fuels in the transport sector needs to decrease by 70.

The Swedish government recently accepted a proposal to ban diesel cars by local authorities. In Sweden, only the use of electric cars can be made compulsory by the arrangement that will affect the 1.3 million diesel cars.

The charging electric road connects Arlanda Airport in Stockholm with a nearby logistics district. Thus, it is expected that the problem of charging of electric vehicles will be solved and battery production will become economical. Moreover, carbon emissions will decrease by 90.


The energy transfer from the road is provided by a dual rail system embedded in the road and a movable shaft mounted under the vehicle. When the vehicle is overtaking, it automatically disconnects the spindle automatically and then automatically integrates into the road again.

The electric road is divided into 50 meters with energy loaded only when it is on the vehicle. The connection is interrupted when the vehicle is stopped. The system can also calculate the energy consumption of the vehicle and the cost of electricity is accrued per vehicle and user.

Unlike the charging points on the road, dynamic charging technology will also allow vehicles to be smaller, which will reduce production costs.


The first tester was a logistical company called PostNord which used diesel fuel. Hans Säll, the top manager of eRoadArlanda, who is developing the project, says that the existing vehicles and roads can easily adapt to this technology.

The cost of rechargeable electric road technology costs 1 million euros per kilometer. This is one of the cost of city tram line cost at 50.

In Sweden, there are a total of half a million kilometers of roads, and the 20 thousand kilometers are highway roads, and Säll claims that this distance is sufficient.


There is no distance between the two highways on the 45 mileage, and the fact that electric cars are already able to go that distance without charging is enough to make transportation easier. For some, even the establishment of the 5 thousand kilometer system will be sufficient for targets.

ERoad, which states that there is no energy on the road, officials say that the binary rail is no different from the wall sockets. The electric current comes from the bottom surface of the 5-6 centimeter. In the tests, even in the case of salt water spillage, the energy is determined to be only 1 volts, it was announced that barefoot walking is not an obstacle.

The opening of a ceremony held in Berlin with the presence of a Swedish minister in Germany for the negotiations began to be reported.

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