IETT's Driverless Wheeled Nostalgic Tram Details

In the "World Cities Congress Istanbul 2018" (World Smart Cities Congress 2018) hosted by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, many details have emerged from the locality rate to the technical characteristics of the driverless electric autonomous vehicle developed by IETT.

Manufacturing activities of IETT's driverless vehicle were carried out in a factory operating in the automotive field in Bursa, in Kocaeli and at İkitelli IETT garage. The production of a driverless vehicle with a nostalgic tram look selected from 4 different designs was completed at the end of 2017.

Charging time 4,5-9 hour between the nostalgic tram-looking driverless vehicle, 75 said the kilometer range. It is designed to operate in one-way driving and reverse maneuvering vehicle, traffic closed areas and designated routes, reaching 45 speed per hour. Bearing capacity 14 person of the vehicle width of approximately 2 meters and the length was determined as 5,5 meters.

Nostalgic trolley-looking driverless vehicle control software, engine and battery management system software for an academician from Galatasaray University and a company operating in Kocaeli Teknopark'de consultancy services were received. The exterior design of the vehicle is a domestic engineering product with a percentage rate of 74 including brake and steering system, battery system, transmission reducer, vehicle management software, sub-equipment control systems and driverless control software, while some special materials are China, Germany, Japan, America and It is said to be obtained from countries such as Taiwan.

The minibus-style wheel, which is currently produced as a nostalgic trolley, will be used in the airport and in the traffic area in the first place. The nostalgic tram with no driverless tires can go on a pre-determined and stored route.

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