Top Çavuş Sadık Akın Şehit Düsü

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Izmir 3. Regional Directorate Basmane YBO Directorate of the staff Ramazan Akin's son, Banaz district of Uşak Büyükoturak village registered in the population of the gendarmerie NCO Sergeant Sadik Akin, the terrorists trap (EYP) trapped by PKK terrorists in Şırnak was martyred.

According to information received from the village of Büyükoturak connected to the population of Usak Banaz Gendarmerie NCO Sergeant Sadik Akin, Sirnak Bestler Dereler region during the ongoing operation by the terrorists had been trapped by the hand-made (EYP) explosive device was seriously injured as a result of the explosion. Despite all the intervention in hospital, Akın, could not be saved and was martyred.

Martyr Gendarmerie NCO Sergeant Sadik Akin, living in Izmir was given bitter news to his family. The funeral of one of the children of 29 Martyr Gendarmerie NCO Sergeant Sadik Akin, who is married and has a child, will be taken from the Banaz Buyukoturak Village Mosque after the noon tomorrow and will be eternally set at his cemetery.


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