CHP Bektaşoğlu Carries Samsun-Sarp Railway to TBMM Agenda

CHP Giresun deputy Bülent Bektaşoğlu, taş The railway to the Black Sea is the dream of Atatürk. This is an unfinished republic project. Since the 1933-1939, where the Sivas-Erzincan-Erzurum line was connected, has been transformed into the most important service expectation of the local people. Sivas

Bektaşoğlu, who made a written statement about the railway routes of Samsun-Sarp and Torul-Tirebolu, which were started to be discussed again in the last days, explained his works in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on these issues. Bektaşoğlu, reminding the Prime Minister of Trabzon that the railway line will be transported from Trabzon to Gümüşhane Torul to the shore by means of Tirebolu, and finally the statements of the President of the Republic of Turkey, hatırlat A railway line project to reach Trabzon was prepared and publicly announced by Giresun MPs and Minister Nurettin Canikli. But they did not keep their promises. In our election campaigns, our party was deceived and cheated to get votes by the party and railroads and trainers. In fact, some time ago Prime Minister Binali Yildirim in his reply to the proposal, this route was abandoned, the line will be connected to Trabzon over Maçka said. The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication has already taken this project into the investment program and has made a tender. So there is no railway to the Black Sea. Our project has been shelved, it is understood that the connection will be made only to Trabzon Proj.

Noting that the demands of the Samsun-Sarp railway have been raised and a public opinion has been formed, Bektaşoğlu said, kayd I am also a follower of both issues and will continue to follow. Because railway transportation is the right for Giresun and Ordu, it is a delayed service. Not only a transportation service, but the development, development, investment and employment of our provinces will be possible in this way. In an instant connection to all provinces and Kafkaslar'l Turkey's Black Sea is our goal achieved. For this, a platform should be established in our province as soon as possible, should be combined with the work in the province of Ordu bir.

Bektaşoğlu said, bilin I have always been aware of the fact that I have kept this issue on the agenda. I hope to realize the dream of Ataturk in the new era and connect our region with the iron networks that it knits will be a CHP. I would like to thank the Chairman of Giresun Tradesmen's Chambers (GESOB) Ali Kara for his sensitivity. I expect the same sensitivity from other NGOs, mayors and all political parties. Aynı

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