Transportation Problems of İzmir Cannot Be Solved By Road

Gamze Geçer from Haberekspres spoke with Architect Hasan Topal about the general architectural problems of İzmir. In general, arguing that the discussions should be discussed within the framework of the city plan within the framework of a plan, Topal, for the Gulf Crossing Project, there is no decision regarding the Izmir Gulf Crossing in the plans covering the 2030s for the development of the city of Izmir. In cities like İzmir, where the population has reached 4 million, transportation problems can be solved not by making more trips, but by integrating with the transportation plans that analyze the development targets and offer solutions to the demands within the scope of that development.

- What is your opinion on the Gulf Transition Project and the pollution of the gulf?

In general, all discussions that will be presented in the city should be discussed and evaluated within the framework of city planning within a plan integrity. Therefore, I think that all projects that are the subject of controversy in İzmir should be examined by looking at the city axis, and I will look like that. It can be said that the plans of İzmir at all scales have been completed very recently. Both the one hundred thousand scale Manisa İzmir environmental plan and 25 thousand scale İzmir urban environmental arrangements have been completed. There is no decision regarding the Izmir Bay Crossing in the plans covering the year 2030 for the development of the city of Izmir. In other words, the access demands that arise in the settlement pattern of İzmir are not in the axis of the gulf crossing but in other areas. This is the first thing I will say.

Secondly, transportation problems in cities with a population of 4 million, such as Izmir, can be solved not by building more roads, but by integrating with transportation plans that analyze development targets and offer solutions to the demands within the scope of that development. Therefore, urban transportation in cities of this size cannot be solved with fast, safe public transportation systems and rail transportation systems, and in places with a gulf such as Izmir, with road transportation systems that are not integrated with sea transportation systems. No such system has been developed anywhere in the world. There are natural areas in Çiğli-Mavişehir and İnciraltı-Narlıdere regions, where a Gulf crossing is envisaged. For example, the section in Çiğli is a continuation of Bird Paradise. It's the same in the south. There are agricultural fields here. There are 3 main decisions in this project. One of them is about 5 km long bridge. The next is an 800-meter-long artificial island. Then tunnel about 4 km deep. Now, one of the most important wealth of the city of Izmir is its bay. All Izmir residents and all decision makers should consider the cleanliness of Izmir Bay and projects in the quality of a swimmable bay for this city. kazanmust climb. No program that would hinder or cast doubt on this vision should not be proposed to the gulf. When viewed from this perspective, these 3 basic decisions are artificial barriers that will directly affect the gulf-bottom currents. This has been revealed by the EIA reports and the companies that will carry out the project. While we should look at the gulf as I have just said, and we argue that not even a pebble should be thrown to prevent it from cleaning itself, it is possible to say that suddenly the kilometer-long bridge and the artificial island contradict this basic finding. In summary, we criticize the fact that the project, which is a foresight of the Izmir plans, will have a direct impact on the gulf, will have a negative impact on non-existent zoning plans, and will not contribute anything to Izmir's transportation, is being built in the Izmir bay. Instead, we propose that the resource of billions of liras to be spent on this bridge should be used in the development of the public transportation systems of this city.

- Talking about public transportation, what do you think about the newly launched tram?

We need to look at the tram on the Izmir transportation master plans. Izmir transportation master plan is based on 3 basic strategies, and update plans still continue. Development of public transportation, gulf transportation and tram axles. From this point, tram can be suggested as one of the city rail systems. However, we have said from the beginning that there are problems in the areas where the tram proposal has become a place in İzmir. We tried to warn. One of them is the tram going from the shore. The idea that it will form a embankment between the sea and the city. The second is that the rail system meets this demand in areas where there is an intense demand for transportation. For example, on the Üçkuyular-Konak and Alaybey-Mavişehir lines, one side of the rail system on the coast of the gulf is north in the tram system in the south and the south in the tram in the north. Places with no population density. Naturally, it will give half capacity due to these preferences. Another issue is a project that is discussed with the design and route selections on the routes it passes. I made a definition like this in the past. Tramway is right as a project and destination. But it is a project with deficiencies and flaws at the application points.

- How do you see the future of the places on the route that the road passes?

Urban infrastructure systems, large infrastructure systems such as trams and subways both form the backbone of the city and become transformative and developer in the route they are located. If the city manages this in a positive way, kazanI will. If it cannot be managed, it will be negative. In this respect, increases in real estate prices in rail system corridors such as trams are inevitable processes created by the demands and potential for the change I mentioned.

If you look at the price, 3 years later, this is a different place you say there is a place?

No. I told her in general. It would be more accurate to say that there would be a change in the places where the investment system was invested rather than saying that there would be a few in these places.

- The issue of demolition of halls in Kültürpark was on the agenda for a while. What is it like now? What are your opinions and suggestions?

I can say a general framework. İzmir is a city with a high density of buildings. In general, it is a city with insufficient green space. Among these, the 1935 thousand square meter green area and culture park area, which was established in 420 in the center of Alsancak, is a great value and value for İzmir. With this identity, İzmir is a place that makes great contributions to urban life. It is an area that makes İzmir very valuable. In the past, structures suitable for the fair concept had to be built, as it was integrated with the fair operations. However, in recent years, the Municipality has created a very nice fairground for this purpose in order for İzmir to meet its vision as a city of fairs. kazanhas gone to the city. However, while doing this, there is another strategy such as removing the large hangars and large structures required by the fair from Kültürpark, and maintaining it only with cultural and open space works, due to the fact that Kültürpark is completely free of its fair function. Now at this point, the fair is now successfully carried out at its place in Gaziemir. However, the hangars left from the fair period in Kültürpark should also be dismantled and removed from the fairground. Local governments already had such a vision when it was being built. Now the municipality has adopted another policy, such as building a convention center instead of these buildings. A tension arose. Already this city kazanI mean, this is Kulturpark. This is an area that contributes to the city with its identity. Building a convention center here will not add anything to this city. We think that if a congress center is built in another place, it can add something to this city. First of all, these huge areas in Kültürpark should be dismantled and this area should be restored only for the function of Kültürpark, all concrete in Kültürpark should be removed and the roads should be analyzed accordingly. The municipality is already considering many of these. There are projects related to this. The problem is in another feature of this field. This area is also registered as a historical site. An area with cultural heritage. It is not possible to equip such areas with any function without a protection plan. In order to maintain all these privileges, it is necessary to restore the buildings with cultural functions without making new buildings.

In summary, I can say; If the fair is somewhere else, then everyone here now needs to look at it as a park management. More precisely, it is necessary to look at the incident as a Kültürpark management. At this point, such a large public space should not be violated by a function like a congress center. We make suggestions to local government in this sense.

-What do you think about Basmane Pit's progress?

As far as I remember, it is a subject that has been discussed for more than 20 years in İzmir. It was essentially the property of the municipality. It has a very long story. But we have to talk about the latest situation. The conflict there is going on. The land of the local government has been sold. The biggest conflict started here. It was not found right to use the public land for commercial purposes by selling it. That's why the plans are always canceled. I think the capital groups that got it were transferred to the SDIF due to the economic crises. They sold it too. Now another capital group has bought it and is trying to do something on its own.

The work to be done in Basmane Pit should not crush Kültürpark. Another point is that the Metropolitan Municipality building will be built there. Having a business center inside the town hall is a big question mark. I don't find this right. In other words, instead of making a congress center in the fair, a congress center can be built there.

The highest building since the first day must be built there. Already in the world of high buildings in the sense of prestige in the sense of capital is the show of power. From this point of view, Basmane Square is not the area where this power show will be held. I hope everyone can contribute to a different project by thinking more safe.

Today, cities are evaluated in terms of quality of life. Quality of life is determined by many parameters. A wide range of parameters, from public transportation to commercial life, economy and architecture, determines the quality of life of a city. The most important parameter is the nature of their architecture. The more qualified architects in a city, the more they contribute to the quality of life. The urbanization of buildings is essential for us. So I never see an artificial tension, such as vertical or horizontal construction, as a true and healthy perspective. Where the plans foreseen, there may be high and horizontal construction. However, the crisis and absurd development in our cities is this: High construction should not be made to the place where high, horizontal construction is not required to be made horizontal construction. For example, in all areas of the city all over the building. This is the city that has to give up. When making plans, it must be appropriate to the historical heritage of the city.

- How long is that applicable?

The city produces rent. The problem is that the city produces unfair and privileged rents. Economic policy is also based mostly on the construction sector. In fact, if the programs in the division of this rent could participate in life in a healthy way, that is, someone would have a very high rent somewhere. kazanIf there are very healthy returns to the public from there when it is released, that is, if it can be calculated how much these will be transformed into the transportation, health and cultural areas of the city, there will not be such a direction. Today's plans always encourage the opposite. These are very dangerous in terms of the future quality of life of cities. I see unplanned urbanization aiming at more rent as a great danger.

-Bayraklıdoes air pollution in Turkey have to do with construction?

BayraklıI don't know if the air pollution in Turkey is related to the construction there. But in general, Turkey to talk about a possible air pollution in the city, there are many parameters related thereto. First, we can talk about the fuel used in heating. Many cities have switched to natural gas systems, their carbon emissions are low, but the poor are still using coal, and in some regions this concentration can be intensified due to the effect of air corridors brought by natural geography on shingles. Actually, I think this is an issue that can be solved by supervision. Does structuring have a direct effect on this, but I do not know if it exists. The dominant winds of İzmir are mostly northern winds, in a sense, afternoon immigration, its lodo. Izmir's city form macro form or topography, usually rising directly from the bay in the size of accumulation, Bayraklı We also know that there are other factors in regions such as Çiğli. See According to a study conducted at Ege University, air pollution in Aliağa, where heavy industrial facilities are located, which also has particle pollution and directly affects İzmir with prevailing winds, these are likely to cause serious health problems in the future.

Undoubtedly, warming pollution can also be discussed, but I do not have analytical information about the link between construction and pollution. But I know that, for example, in zoning plans BayraklıNarrow surfaces of the buildings that have a perpendicular surface to the sea would be facing parallel to the sea in the construction in the city centers of Istanbul, would not look at the large surfaces, now is it? This is also a subject of discussion. This decision was made by aiming to enter the micro air conditioner in the sea in the preparation process of the zoning plan, it can be discussed whether this horizontal planning spoils it or not.

Electrical Factory is important in terms of city history

-The Historical Air Gas Factory was renovated by Metropolitan. There is an Electricity Factory on the agenda. Do you think it should be sold or handed over to the metropolitan municipality?

Electrical Factory and its environment, 19. at the end of the century and 20. At the beginning of the century or even early republican industrial zone can be defined as. The İzmir industry is concentrated there, when the Air Gas Plant, the Electric Factory, the oriental industry, the Sumerbank, the State Railways, the Monopoly, the flour mill, the wine factory and other small factories. Of course, with the establishment of organized industrial zones over time they became idle.

These are of great importance in terms of urban history, industrial history and architectural history. In fact, in 1996, when I was still a young secretary, we applied to the cultural and natural heritage institution that these structures are industrial heritage and should be protected. In 98, the Board No. 1 registered the Electric Factory, the Air Gas Factory, the orient industry factory and some other small areas there, saying that the workshop workshops should be protected in the context of industrial archeology. This was the right approach. In terms of the history of the city, it has serious importance in terms of the effects of İzmir on the formation of space.

The first regular electricity came with this light. Even II. Unwarranted during World War II Karşıyaka Turyan Power Plant was put into operation by supporting Alsancak Şark Industrial Power Plant. There is such a spatial process in war conditions, especially during fair periods when the demand for energy increases. If we look at all of these, the preservation of old industrial structures can be reintroduced to urban life. kazanmust be lifted. So how are these to urban life? kazanWhen it is said that it is called, there have been some approaches for these places all over the world since the 1950s. First of all, when we look back and see what İzmir needs as a city, we can easily say the following: İzmir city, like many Turkish cities, has quite inadequate spaces in the context of culture and arts. While making such structures function like this, of course, the first registered building, which must be protected, should not be demolished. These places are functionalized like an industry museum, like a science museum, like a cultural center, and allow them to enter the city life. kazancan be called. In fact, these structures are suitable for many functions in terms of land and spatial size, and construction and structural features. One of the best examples of this is the Historical Air Gas Factory. The metropolitan has restored the place, so is the flour factory. Therefore, I think that the sale of the Electricity Factory should be abandoned quickly and should be transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality. To be used for these purposes, the Metropolitan has made such requests in a positive sense recently. Again, when I was working in the municipality, there was such a demand in 2002. This place must be used in urban life to be used with cultural functions. kazanshould be raised. The Mayor and the Metropolitan Municipality have very correct and positive strategies in this regard. Again, in 1999, I said, 'This factory should be protected, kazanI had a defence, and I still have it.

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