Bursalılar is counting days patiently on the high-speed train

In the program of TCDD, until the end of the high speed train to Bursa, the date of 2019 was seen and then it was revised as 2020.

Politicians and interested parties, according to the TCDD program, but this also leads to the speculation of history.

If it's ahead of us, there are two processes related to developments.

First ...
2012 The construction of the Bursa-Yenişehir stage infrastructure was laid in December. The failure of this construction to be targeted as a result of non-accountable issues is also the reason for discussions so far.

The tender held in 3 in April started a new process.

The infrastructure, superstructure and electromechanical works of the Yenişehir-Osmaneli stage of the newly completed project were completed with the superstructure and electromechanical works of the Bursa-Yenişehir stage.

The tender for all of the Bursa-Yenişehir-Osmaneli line was the most important development that stimulated the prospects. The best bid for this auction is 2.5 billion liras with Aga Enerji Nak. Art. Of. Singing. and Tic. Inc. with İmaj Altyapı Üstyapı San. And Tic. Inc. gave joint venture.

While the photos showing the bridges and viaducts of Bursa-Yenişehir were excited, the accounts of the high-speed train were re-started.

At this point…
It is necessary to understand the impatience of the public, who has been waiting patiently for a long time. However, the steps to be taken in such large projects require a little more patience.

For example…
3 is the best bidder in the tender in April, but the tender has not been approved yet, the result is not finalized. Because, TCDD continues to review.

At this point…
One of the Ankara sources we talked about is that the approval of the tender can be found in the 5-6 month, and he warned that ini The firm that gives the best price will not get the tender, it depends on the result of the examination Konu.

In that respect O
After the decision is made to the firm and the establishment of the construction site in the field after the end of the year can be found. Although the objection has not yet been made, but can not be predicted where the durations can be predicted.

As far as we can see Gör
In the TCDD program, the end date 2020 still seems to be positive, but if everything progresses in a positive way, Ankara will gradually become the Republic's 100. 2023, the year of establishment, started to make history.

This is Bu
This is not a foreign prediction for the readers of the columns.

Exchange rate scared contractors

In the rapid train delays, unexpected problems have been effective in the field.

So what…
3 made another problem in April.

For example…
With the impact of global developments, there was a big difference between the exchange rate at the time of the tender and the current exchange rate.

An official from Ankara said that besides the technical analysis of the tender dossier, the real economy also drew attention to the fact that i the exchange rate that led to the cost increase scared the firms' eyes Ankara.

Source : Ahmet Emin Yılmaz – www.olay.com.t is

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