Bursa Governor Küçük: 'High Speed ​​Train Will Open in 2020 Bursa

Bursa Governor Izzettin Kucuk the previous evening with İhsan Aydın spoke on Olay TV's investments.

We have received three important gospels from Bursa, Governor Küçük, who accepted our invitation to participate in Olayın İçinden program, of which we undertake production and presentation.

They are huge public investments that Bursa is looking forward to.
Governor Küçük said that if there is no big mishap, 2019 of the City Hospital will be put into service in 2020 and the foundation of the Land Vehicles Auto Test Center in Yenişehir will be laid within this year.

We also discussed Bursa's transportation investments in the program with Governor Küçük
So far spent £ 25 billion İstanbul-Bursa-Izmir Motorway's 388 kilometers, links and Small explaining that 433-kilometer project with the side of the road, the highway will be completed in 2019 and Aegean link to our therefore be strengthened aktardı.bursa Turkey's strategic point, the highway will further expand the province in economic terms, but in the sense of the factory, Bursa should be selective, he said.

Governor Küçük stated that the Bursa-Ankara Highway project studies are continuing.
Stating that the 12 tunnel construction is underway in Bursa's long-awaited high-speed train project, 900 million pounds were awarded last month and Küçük said, esas The main reason for the delay has been changed several times. Landslide, slipping. Engineers began to eat yogurt blowing. If 2020 doesn't end, we'll take the high-speed train at 2021..

Governor Küçük said the following about air transportation:
Sefer There are flights from Yenişehir Airport with many in the east. Mus, Agri, Samsun, Erzurum, Diyarbakir. More lines can be opened. This is an economic event. We're working on opening this place for cargo transportation. Bursa has two airports. The border doesn't matter, if you are leaving after 45 minutes, Sabiha Gökçen is your airport. ”

We also asked Küçük about city traffic
The measures taken by the Municipality and the Police now provide a relief in traffic 17 percent, the target is 30 percent, but the project will eliminate the problem altogether is the investment in the subway, the Metropolitan Mayor said that working on this issue.

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