Bursa Metropolitan Priority Target Transportation

Bereket Sofrası, which was organized by the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa and became a tradition, was established this week in Mehmet Akif Neighborhood. Mayor Alinur Aktas met with the citizens of Medina Mosque, stated that the primary objectives of the transportation problems to be solved.

Bereket Sofrası gatherings, which were started by President Aktaş during İnegöl Municipality and continued in Büyükşehir, took place in Mehmet Akif Neighborhood. AK Party Osmangazi District Chairman Ufuk Çömez, Osmangazi City Council Ömer Eşer, Mehmet Akif Neighborhood Mukhtar Musa Ünal and breakfast with the participation of Metropolitan bureaucrats; guests were offered a bagel, cheese, olives and tea.

Mayor Alinur Aktas, in his speech, Bursa so far done beautiful works, recalling, "May Allah bless those who contributed," he said. Mayor Aktaş stated that they have made efforts to carry the service bar in the Metropolitan Municipality in the new period and that this is their problem and accounts. Sarf With our team, we identify the problems and determine our road map. We give importance to result-oriented and to finish work. We care about transportation. For this reason, we have declared 2018 as the 'year of transportation'. People need to reach from one place to another comfortably and public transport should be expanded. We have been working on this, and we are developing this day by day. During our duty period, we will do our best to eliminate the troubles, Görev he said.

Mehmet Akif Mukhtar of the neighborhood Musa Unal 'young, dynamic, solution-oriented' dynamic staff was formed in Bursa, stressing that, Bursa 'people who know their job and the people who put the human place in a short time,' 'said he believes that the difficulties. Unal, the problems experienced in the neighborhood was transferred to President Aktas.

After breakfast, President Aktas received the opinions and demands of the citizens.


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