Başkentray Launched

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, Başkentray ProjectStating that the 20 was completed in a short period of time, "Last 15 as the Ministry for years Ankara”We are trying to make a real capital in the field of land, iron and airlines. y

Başkentray, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım also attended the ceremony.

Armstrong, in his speech at the ceremony, President Erdogan's "Ankara is not only in Turkey, the structure of the capital of the transport corridor." Instruction moves that urban land as Ministry last 15 years, the iron and airlines the area said they were trying to make a capital in real terms.

Making the Ankara metro and very serious steps taken pointing Arslan on bringing high standard, "BAŞKENTRAY Kayas-we began our work in order to make Xinjiang line suburban metro standard and 20 months this project, we are offered the services of Ankara." He said.

Arslan, 4'a Kayaş'tan, from Ankara to Ankara, Behiçbey'a up to the line 6'ya and Behiçbey'den to the line up to XnumX'ya 5'ye, 36 kilometers, even 156 kilometers new Ray said that they would do the 6 line to the suburban trains with high speed and conventional trains.

This even many underpasses and overpasses, Armstrong explained that the tunnel vents also done it as well as to Eryaman'daki outside the YHT station in central Ankara also YHT station made and planned all the way these stations will serve the disabled, he said it made barrier-free.

Arslan, the project was completed in a record time such as 20 months, the attention continued, said:

Gün During this period, our suburban trains served only 1 days. When the people of the coup attempt on the people with bad ambitions in an environment where the people on the instructions of the leadership, on the way to protect our nation, the complex, parliament, the general staff on the road to fall, even though this line off the suburban trains run on the YHT line that night until the night thousands of thousands of Ankara moved to the center of Ankara. How the railways in the Republic's early years, the railwaymen of the survival of this country's future, and they tried to independence 10 stood erect behind you in the same way in July and demonstrated that they could sacrifice their lives for it. "

Arslan emphasized that the railway sector, which has been neglected for years, has become a state policy again under the presidency of President Erdoğan and thanked those who contributed to the project's completion in 20 months.

Başkentray's features

Within the scope of the Başkentray Project, which has an investment value of 1 billion 227 million pounds, the construction of a YHT garla 36 suburban station was completed along the 23 kilometer-long railway line. 4 between Ankara Kayaş Ankara-Behicbey between the 6 and Behicbey-Xinjiang between 5 line signaling and electric total 156 kilometers of new railway yapıldı.xnumx pieces highway underpasses and overpasses, the 12 pedestrian infrastructure and was built in a tunnel and 10 culvert with overpass . Vehicle passage safety was increased with lower and upper crossings built along the line, while waiting times in traffic were removed.

Passengers can meet their needs from the closed commercial areas created at Sincan, Lale, Elvankent, YHT Eryaman Gar, Etimesgut, Hippodrome, Yenişehir, Kurtuluş, Cebeci, Mamak and Kayaş stations. Başkentray will be able to transfer passengers from Yenişehir Station to Kızılay Metro, Kurtuluş and Maltepe stations to Ankaray.

Başkentray will serve 15 thousand passengers per day with trains run in 5 every minute and 520 in the following days. The travel time between Başkentray and the suburbs between Kayaş and Sincan will be 59 minutes to 49 minutes, and the travel time between YHTs and Ankara-Sincan will be 17 minutes to 11 minutes.

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