Commuter Line Extends to Kahramankazan

52 is an industrial city with a thousand inhabitants. Mayor of Kahramankazan Lokman Ertürk, extends to the suburban Kazan said.

The capital of the capital's industrial city Kahramankazan 52 bin UM But the capital is about 50 kilometers away from the town 40 thousand people are going to work every day. In order to keep this population in the district that they are producing projects that expresses the Mayor of Kahramankazan Lokman Erturk, SABAH said in a statement to Ankara citizens had difficulty in reaching the demand for housing. President Erturk, housing production in Kahramankazan is very, but more demand, he said.

President Lokman Ertürk said, bir A very large need for light rail at the point of transportation to Kazan asında can be extended up to the suburban Kazan. I think this will be a very accurate and accurate decision. In fact, the route of the Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Line passing through the Kazan region is important for meeting with the industrial district in Kocaeli. This is because the production line inin The potential of both Kazan and the industrial cities on this route increases. Some academics, "Bolu, Izmit and Ankara is this line," he says. Certainly, if one foot of YHT passes through Kazan, it also facilitates transportation between Kazan and Ankara. With the HAB, the population of Kazan 60-70 increases by a thousand N You have to create the conditions for this, HAB he said.

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