Humanitarian Conditions must be created at Kapıkule Border Gate

Kapitan Andreevo border crossing in Turkey opening to Europe; TIR tails that have been prolonged for many years come up with news. On the one hand, ministries' initiatives, negotiations with Bulgaria, shortening the bureaucratic processes between countries, while living conditions in the queue of TIR drivers on the other hand continue to push humanitarian boundaries.

Turkey's leading exports its products to various European cities in the country lorry drivers they install Agility opened in Bulgaria Edirne sometimes waiting hours or even days. In this process, the situation of drivers who have difficulty in meeting humanitarian needs such as eating, sleeping or even going to the toilet due to environmental conditions was discussed in the recent Undersecretariat for Highway Work Group.

UTİKAD, the International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association, accelerated its work on the queues at the Kapıkule Border Gate, one of the most important problems of the logistics sector. At the Highway Working Group meeting held in March, the reasons for the queues at Kapıkule Border Gate were laid on the table. In the light of the comprehensive information provided by the Sketch and TIR drivers at the end of their work to better demonstrate the process; In addition to the causes of the queues formed a much more important fact re-exposed. In the queues at Kapikule and reaching the 35 kilometers from time to time, TIR drivers have to wait hours or even days. These long and tiring sleepers who can not sleep, eat can not eat the most human needs, even the needs of a toilet can not meet.

UTIKAD Board Member and Highway Working Group President Ekin Tirman voicing his views on this problem that cannot be solved for many years; "Agility in the physical side of Turkey is experiencing systemic problems in the Bulgarian side. As a result of both, the results are negatively affecting the sector. However, the most important part of this issue is that we have to work in a system that forces the humanitarian conditions of our 50 thousand drivers, who make international transport, Ancak he said.

President of UTIKAD Highway Working Group Cakman, summarized the process as follows: ın As a result of the studies and feedback received from TIR drivers, the problems in Kapikule are due to the inadequacy of the physical factors on the Turkish side rather than the Bulgarian side. Waiting times from the parking lot to the diesel area by the Turkish are very long, and the closure of the system from time to time in the Bulgarian side causes clutter. The Kapikule motorway line runs between 15-35 and the parking area, the police and the waiting period of the registration process are at 12. There are only 3 police and 3 registration points on the Turkish side. As a result of this, naturally the vehicle on Saturday only can pass through Kapikule on Tuesday. TIR drivers have to spend the whole process in their vehicles. They can't leave their car and sleep. There is not a facility to meet human needs such as toilets and meals in the area. The Turkish side of the police and registration point through the vehicles, this time the 6'li diesel line is entering. After an average fuel consumption of 7 hours, vehicles pass through the buffer zone in a single row and enter the Bulgarian customs area. On the Bulgarian side, the 6 pieces of police checkpoints often generate queues due to system failures or updates. Bulgar

In Turkey, underlining that there are approximately 50 thousand drivers carrying international cargo Climb; Iş TIR driving is a difficult task in itself. These people are staying away from their families for days, sometimes for weeks. He tries to perform his profession under difficult conditions. Not only do these conditions affect our 50 bin driver, but the 250-300 impresses a huge community of over 1000 people. It is necessary to take necessary measures to make these people's lives easier, to ensure that they are physically and spiritually healthy and to be realized as soon as possible Bu. If these measures are not taken, indicating that the queues will continue to increase increasingly in the coming years,, Long queues, challenging conditions TIR driving between the profession can not be pushed. In the coming years, we will have trouble finding drivers to send our export goods abroad by road. For this reason, this issue should be included not only in the logistics sector, but also in the agenda of other professional organizations. Humanitarian conditions must be created at border gates Sınır.

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