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In Ankara, Sincan-Ankara-Kayas will provide suburban services between the suburban Baskentray, 12 April 2018 President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of the Parliament Ismail Kahraman, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim and the Minister of Transport Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan and ministers, deputies and a large number of citizens Kayaş Train Station was opened with a ceremony.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated the following in his speech;


“I would like to thank all my colleagues who have contributed to the implementation of this project. I wish all the brothers who will use Başkentray to work between Kayaş and Sincan. '

Geçir Marmaray in Istanbul After Egeray in Izmir, we have implemented our third project in the urban suburban service. Kayaş-Sincan Suburban Line is a very old line Ankara's many other infrastructures and transportation services with very limited opportunities in the period when the most extreme two points of the city was connected with this line. We have now set up a whole new transportation line in accordance with the modern transportation needs on this infrastructure, which is all within the city. Biz

”By constructing a new railway with a total of 156 km, we have provided a commuter route to Ankara with great pride by ensuring the safety of the route with the lower and upper gates by making the stations meet all kinds of needs and ensuring the integration with other transportation networks.“

It will be free until April 24

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who heralds that Başkentray will provide free service until April 24, said, “Başkentray infrastructure, which will allow you to go from Kayaş to Sincan in 49 minutes, also shortens the Eryaman Gar distance of the high-speed train. Trains will be reduced every fifteen minutes in the first place, and the movement range of the trains will be reduced to one every five minutes. I wish this good service, which will save time and provide comfortable travel, will be beneficial once again. ” he spoke.


In his speech at the opening ceremony, Chairman of the Parliament Ismail Kahraman stated the historical development processes of the railways in our country and added:

”We had a beautiful road mobilization We made Hijaz Railroad We opened a big tunnel in eight years 1400 km Hicaz Railway was built, 21 landed on 21 hour and 1908 was opened on the anniversary of Abdulhamit's boarding pass.“

Inda We had a period of pause, and now we have a wonderful period, and we thank Allah's Minister of Transport, Mr. Ahmet Arslan, who has already given this beautiful work and who has been carrying out these works, to our esteemed Minister of Transportation. Congratulations to our valued Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and his colleagues. I would like to thank to the staff of the employees, the contractor and the staff of the Ankara will be good luck. E


In his speech at the Başkentray opening ceremony held at Kayaş Train Station, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım stated that the capital has been lifted again with the projects implemented from tourism to health, from transportation to urbanization, and that they have brought the capital Ankara closer to citizens in 81 provinces.

Transportation for the implementation of the project, the Maritime Affairs and Communications of the Republic of Turkey State Railways night and day runs, 1 station building under the project, 23 stations, 12 highway underpasses and overpasses, the 10 pedestrian underpasses and overpasses, tunnel and 70 culverts stressed that made the Lightning, Yenimahalle stated that they completed the Eryaman High Speed ​​Train Station building, which will allow those who live in Sincan and Etimesgut to take advantage of the high speed train without coming to Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station.

Stating that it will be possible for BAŞKENTRAY to transfer passengers from Yenişehir Station to Kızılay Metro, ANKARAY from Kurtuluş and Maltepe stations, Yıldırım said, “All stations and stations have been designed and built for our disabled citizens to get up and down comfortably. he spoke.


Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan speech, President Erdogan, "not only in Turkey Ankara, the capital structure of the transport corridor." He said that they had acted with the order and as the Ministry, they had been trying to make the city a real capital in the field of land, iron and airlines for the last 15 years.

Arslan stated that they have offered the project to the service of Ankara residents in 20 months after the start of the Başkentray works for the suburban standard in the Kayaş-Sincan line, line 4 from Kayaş to Ankara, 6 from Ankara to Behiçbey and Behiçbey ' Noting that they increased the line from Sincan to Sincan to 5, they reported that they had constructed a 36-kilometer or 156-kilometer new rail and that they would serve suburban trains with high-speed and conventional trains with 6 lines.

Explaining that many underpasses, overpasses, tunnels and culverts have been built on this line, Arslan also said that besides the YHT station in the center of Ankara, Eryaman was also made a YHT station and all these stations were planned and rendered unobstructed to serve the disabled.

Arslan, the project was completed in a record time such as 20 months, the attention continued, said:

“In this period, our suburban trains served only 1 day. In an environment in which coup entrepreneurs squeezed their bullets with bad ambitions on people, when our people fell on the road to protect their nation, complex, assembly and general staff, we carried our suburban trains to YHT line until that morning, even though this line was closed. In the first years of the Republic, just as railways and railroads worked for the survival, stability and independence of this country, they stood upright on July 10 and showed that they could sacrifice their lives for this. ”

Emphasizing that the railway industry, which has been neglected for years, has become a state policy again at President Erdoğan's hypothesis, UDH Minister Ahmet Arslan thanked those who contributed to the completion of the project in 20 months.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and a delegation accompanying him carried out the first flight of Başkentray from Kayaş Station.

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