Public Transportation Projects Gain Speed ​​in Ankara

Mustafa Tuna, who was sitting in the seat of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which was vacated by the resignation of Melih Gökçek, gave the first new metro line herald of the presidency period. It was the first time that Tuna Keçiören, who stated that they were conducting metro works for the Etlik city hospital, announced the new metro line.

Public Transportation Projects Gaining Speed ​​in Ankara!

Mustafa Tuna continues to introduce new transportation projects in relation to Ankara, which is a very big city and has frequently been on the agenda with transportation problems. In particular, he said that he wanted to produce subway projects in Ankara. A new station will be implemented in connection with Etlik metro line as well as Kızılay line for Keçiören subway.

How Long Will the Entrance Fees be?

Turkey's largest theme Ankapark stating that an offer for foreign investors, which will be one of the parks entrance fees to the park about President directed the Danube was responding to questions. Danube; “Not yet a price set. A tender for the business. The operators will decide the prices. We're not yet at that stage. This is the center of attraction. As in the world examples, tourists from abroad will come. Will contribute to trade and economy ekonom

Güvenpark Dolmuş Stops to be Underground

Not to hump the traffic in Kızılay, Tuna gave the good news that the work in Kızılay Square continued for the solution of the problems. Within the scope of the works carried out, the minibus stops at Güvenpark will be taken under the ground and they will provide transportation services when needed. In addition, President Tuna said that they would create new zoning plans in many regions without allowing anyone to provide rent.

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