Alstom ITU Technical Cooperation Between Turkey and Protocol Signed


Alstom Turkey and Istanbul Technical University (ITU), signed a technical cooperation protocol to enhance cooperation in the field of education in Turkey. Agreement, 03 April 2018 hours at 12.00'da Istanbul Technical University Rector. Dr. Mehmet Karaca, Alstom Turkey General Manager Mr. Arban Çitak and Alstom Group Middle East and Africa Region Vice President of System and Infrastructure Mama Sougoufara. The term of the agreement is extended, including 5 years.

The partnership focuses on r Railway Engineering r training of ITU engineering students and those who start work at Alstom. Alstom's trainees will receive training from Alstom and ITU trainers, thus increasing the number of experts in sub-systems such as line work and power supply. In this context, the first tarih Railway Engineering N training was organized between 26-30 March. As part of the partnership, Alstom experts will present the railway sector to ITU engineering students and will provide information about Alstom's worldwide experience and important project references. This cooperation will include joint activities such as seminars, workshops, conferences, symposiums, congresses, meetings, publicity events to be organized between the two sides.

Alstom Turkey General Manager Mr. Arban Çitak, "This partnership, encouraging young and to be part of a talented ITU engineers sector, awareness of the railway sector in Turkey and to increase the skilled workforce, areas of expertise and qualified Turkish Alstom engineers with the industry value will help to add," he said.

ITU Rector Dr. Mehmet Karaca said, sahip ITU has been an academic institution with the most privileged experience in the field of transportation systems and solutions. This accumulation is also a guide in shaping the future of our university. Academic development is targeted in the axis of thematic and hybrid studies, and transportation is considered among the priority areas for both. In this respect, both the training of specialized labor force is provided and the steps that lead the sector are taken with innovative solutions. The pioneering task of ITU in different layers and stages of the transportation sector is developing with the experience of elite project partners. it is returning to our country as studies that increase comfort in social life and provide technological superiority da.

Alstom has been operating in Turkey about 60 years. The Istanbul office serves as the regional headquarters for the Middle East and Africa region as well as the regional center for signaling and system projects. Therefore, all tender, project management, design, procurement, engineering and maintenance services for signaling and system projects in the Middle East and Africa region are carried out from Istanbul. Turkey, Middle East and Africa region is the main platform provided the ability to present Alstom projects in general.

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