Sacrifice for Metro Accident in Ankara

Mustafa Toruntay, Chairman of Self Carriage Work Union; Uz Unfortunately, we had an accident in our Ankara Meter on Saturday. It's nice that there's no loss of life on the day of the accident. With the hope that this kind of events will not happen again, we are sacrificing today together with the General Manager of BUGSAŞ, metro operation managers and union members. Bir

On Saturday morning, two subway trains running for line maintenance caused an accident in Ulus scissor zone, and flights to Kızılay-Batıkent were interrupted. After the 41 hourly service, the Quran was read by the Union and the victim was discontinued.

Mustafa Toruntay, the Chairman of the Self-Transport Business Union, made a statement in the Ankara Metro Maintenance and Operation Center with the prayers; Ik We had an unfortunate accident on our Ankara Meter on Saturday. Thankfully however, we did not experience any loss of life. Today, we are gathering here and we are sacrificing for the unfortunate events of this kind, and for our members to serve our accident-free, unfortunate Ankara. May my Lord accept and protect every employee from accidents. Rab

President Toruntay after talking to BUGSAŞ A.Ş. General Manager Mehmet Alyüz; . Today we will sacrifice together to prevent the sad event in our metaphor. May my Lord accept it. Rab

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