It flows to Turkey's Transportation Project Budget

March budget results are announced. Thus, the quarterly data of the 2018 budget implementation also appeared. The prevalence of public procurement related to transportation projects, especially the Highways, began to show itself in budgetary resources and expenditures.

According to the report of Çiğdem Toker from Cumhuriyet, the amount of capital transfers and Treasury aid amounts to the General Directorate of Highways (KGM) in the quarter including January-March will not attract attention.

Given the fact that the 2017 budget figures do not show a source transferred to the Highways under these items, the size of these amounts underlines the persistence of the growth preference by increasing public expenditures.
However, the threshold of the illusion of growth, which is attempted to be created with the construction and construction sector in general, seems uncertain.
In the 2018 budget, the total amount of Treasury aid is 28.7 billion. 1.5 billion of this amount was transferred to KGM. The distribution by month is as follows:
January: 515.3 million TL, February: 429.3 million TL, March: 563 million TL.

9 billion in three months
According to the data of the Ministry of Finance General Directorate of State Accounting, the capital transfer to the CGM in the same period,
7.3 has reached the size of a billion TL. The transfer of capital from budget to month is as follows:
January 2 billion TL, February 2.8 billion TL, March 2.5 billion TL.
Thus, in the first three months of the year, when we consider the transfer of capital to the KGM together with the Treasury aids, it is revealed that a resource of 8.8 billion TL has been transferred.
In the 2017 budget, the Treasury aid has not been transferred to KGM. In the same year, there was no transfer to the CGM under the heading of capital transfers.

Capital transfer to TCDD
TCDD, which undertakes the High Speed ​​Train investment projects, was transferred to 2 billion 112 million in January-March period under the heading of-capital transfer Yüksek. Distribution by month:
January 550 million TL, February 812 million TL, March 750 million TL.
This item was 2017 million TL in the 400 budget for the same period. On the other hand, the amount of capital transfers for rail investments in January-March 2018 has become more meaningful when it is considered to be 3.3 billion in last year.
On the other hand, in the January-March period, total amount of 865.2 million TL was transferred to TCDD. Distribution by months:
January 292.2 million TL, February 350 million TL, March 219 million TL.
This amount is in the same period of 2017
1.1 was a billion TL.

708.8 million TL to KGF
The Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF), which was put into use in order to facilitate the conditions of enterprises that had access to finance due to lack of collateral, took place under the title of çeken lending Tem. According to the financial data, the three-month transfer of KGF to 708.8 reached TL million.
The distribution by month is as follows:
January 252 million TL, February 228.8 million TL, March 227.9 million TL.
In the 2017 budget, this data is at the level of 320.3 million. This total size also covers the period of September-December.

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