Stone Quarry Project for TCDD in Çaltı, Menemen, Is Canceled

The quarry project of TCDD, which is to be built near Gediz Delta in Menemen district of İzmir, was canceled.

The quarry project of the TCDD, which was requested to be opened by the Izmir Governor's Office in the vicinity of the Gediz Delta, was canceled by the court. While two more quarries are in progress, the headman of the turret Gürol Kaplan Ç Gediz Delta is being destroyed. We will eat stone or dust ın he pointed out to the damages of the stone quarries.

The İzmir EIA is not required İzmir decision given by the Governorship of Izmir for the quarry, crushing-screening plant and ready-mixed concrete facilities within the boundaries of the Bağcılar and Çaltı districts in the Menemen district of İzmir, which is to be built by the General Directorate of TCDD. was asked to cancel the move by a resident in court.

Among the objections of the menemen to the quarry, the license area is to be within the boundaries of the Gediz Delta and the pasture area and the area is covered by 3. It's highly archaeological site. According to the project file, 200-300 would remove dust from the quarry per hour and 6 tons of dynamite and 6 tons of other explosives would be used. 1,6 million tons of agglomerate filling material per year, 300-400 thousand tons of crushed stone, 160 thousand cubic meters of concrete were targeted and 30-40 tons of water would be used per hour.


The expert panel examining the project dossier expressed the opinion that it did not find suitable for the project in terms of mine and environmental engineering, and that it was not suitable for the protection of geological engineering, agricultural engineering and cultural assets. After the expert report, the court announced its decision and 'The EIA is not required' decision was canceled. The court noted that although the mining activity area in the project file was shown below the 25 hectare area specified in the regulation, the license area was an area of ​​99.37 hectares and the project was subject to the EIA process.


The decision de Considering the provisions of the legislation in force at the date of the transaction, the examination of the expert report which was prepared after the exploration and expert examination at the site and presented to our Court; for the project to be considered as 'environmental impact assessment is not necessary' and the geological / hydrogeological and archaeological aspects of the project introduction dossier; taken into consideration the importance of the said issues are found to have been established by the missing investigation of the law and legislation in the process of lack of compliance with the results and conclusions were reached ın said. On the other hand, the case against two quarries in the region continues.


Considering the court's decision on Evrensel, the head of the Çaltı Village Gürol Kaplan pointed out the damage to the environment by the 200-300 weight powder per hour. In Imagine how much dust will destroy the Gediz Delta. The Governorate gives them an 'EIA not required' certificate without any examination. With the decision, Izmir Governor had to step back. The decision is the most noticeable company when we look at the decision. The company says that 25 turning is necessary, but occupies a thousand acres of land. According to the company says the Bağcılar pasture, but also includes the Çalti pasture. However, all irregularities and illegals disappeared by court order. We can't have a quarry in our area right now. We have registered the legal struggle with the local people by court decision sürdür.


Kaplan stated that it is desired to finish the agriculture with the stone quarries which are wanted to be made to Gediz, which is one of the most fertile plains in the world. The quarry was opened in the area we call the Yogurtcu Castle. Livestock and beekeeping is over. When we see the pine forests in white dust, the crying of the people comes. We're going to eat stone or dust. What is it, that's a lot of money. Are we going to eat money unless agriculture, livestock? With the quarry to be opened by the court decision, we have won the right struggle for not polluting oxygen sources and groundwater. So we are very happy. If there is any negative situation in the next process, we will continue our legal struggle. Bundan

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