Implementing Plus Money in İZBAN Continues to Victim

The kadınlar Plus Money System eye, which is being implemented in İZBAN, continues to make women suffer. Women living in Aliağa expressed their complaints about the system on social media.

15 in İZBAN Women who voiced the problems created by the Artı Para Sistemi which started to be implemented in February on social media ü This system causes us to suffer. Sometimes we can't travel because we don't have money. Sometimes we want to load the missing money to miss the train. Ansa The women who use the rail system every day underlines the Aliagal people who use it more every day a You will install at least 10 TL on each boarding card. Did you return 10 TL on my return 20 TL. 20 * 22 = 440 TL a month. This applies only to those who have to go with İZBAN every day. One should also block the card by trying to hijack the minibus erken ed he commented.

'What do you need to suffer so much!'

While there were no other alternative transportation routes, the women told İzmir people that this management approach would not be appropriate. 10 min. Although I arrived early IZBAN went trying to load money in front of the card filling machines. 15 min. I waited. So 30 is krs. for 10 min. I'm late. ”ert The problem is not whether there is money in a single card. After a long time I got on the subway. KarşıyakaI landed in. They made orange parts, and after we land the card, we show it there. I forgot and walked through the bazaar. I found out when I went on the tram or my card would be blocked. I came back to rush to print… Transportation was already troubled, they were worse. They are dungeon life in the city to live in what is needed to grind! Sit Women living in Aliağa state that the understanding of snow-oriented municipalism should be abandoned as soon as possible.

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