TCDD 3. Traditional Carpet Field Tournament Has Started in the Region

📩 21/12/2018 16:59

TCDD 3. 02.04.2018 started the football field football tournament which was organized traditionally by the Regional Directorate.

TCDD'nın Halkapınar in the organization that took place in the community and Izmir Port Operation Directorate and İZBAN Inc. with a total of 24 team, including the tournament, 3 Regional Director and Demirspor Club President Selim Kocbay, Deputy Regional Director Nizamettin Cicek, Soner Bas, Izmir Amateur Sports General Secretary of the Federation of Clubs Kadir Akbulut, İzmir Amateur Sports Clubs Federation Deputy Secretary General Aytaç Kaygil, Demirspor Board Member Mustafa Sevillioğlu, Transport Officer-Sen Izmir Branch President Ahmet Ozdemir, Demiryol-Is Izmir Branch President Huseyin Ervuz, BTS Izmir Branch President Bulent Cuhadar , and Demard Izmir Branch Chairman Aziz Dağlı began.

After the end of the first half, where the children of railwaymen Balıkesirli and Turkey was presented by the Mirror shows Folklore Culture and Arts with a championship team folkdance.

In the tournament, the first match between Torbali Ray and Marquise teams resulted in a draw with 2-2.
Regional Manager Selim Koçbay stated that the tournament organized every year increases the solidarity and motivation within the organization and wished success to all teams in the tournament.

Izmir ASKF's official referee 24 team and the 68 team will result in the match, which will result in the match, 15 will be played in May, the final match will end with the championship.

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