UTİKAD's Survey on the Determination of Customs Valuation in Airline Successful Results

International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association UTIKAD has been closely interested in the airline companies, which have been interested in several years, and their efforts to reduce the high costs caused by the excessive tax payments required. The circular titled “Bill of Lading (Airline)” has been published by the General Directorate of Customs of the Ministry of Customs and Trade of the Republic of Turkey.

According to the published circular, in order to determine the customs value related to the air tickets arranged in air transport, taking into account the amount specified in the bill of lading and the related invoice, as well as the delivery of the freight to the declaration items in proportion to the units of weight, quantity and similar units of the freight are also found appropriate.

One of the important obstacles to the Turkish logistics industry has disappeared as a result of long-term initiatives and efforts supported by UTİKAD, the International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association. The issue of taking into account the TACT prices stated in the main bill of lading in the determination of the customs value in the airline, which UTİKAD has been a follower for the last few years, and calculating the customs taxes on these prices, has been resolved by the General Directorate of Customs of the Ministry of Customs and Trade on the “Bill of Lading Declaration (Airline)”. The new circular also paved the way for the increase in imports by airline.

UTİKAD General Manager Cavit Uğur, who stated that he started his studies on the subject a few years ago; "Subjects were first discussed with the IATA Cargo President Glyn Hughes, the post TACT rates on the main bill of lading and import in in Turkey caused by the payment of higher taxes and was transferred to this situation poses an obstacle to the development of air cargo transportation in Turkey. Glyn Hughes stated that he would bring the matter to the agenda to resolve it at IATA and the matter was followed up with IATA. In this process, the problem was also transferred to Stephane Noll, the Cargo Manager responsible for the European Region of IATA, and it was stated that IATA would be useful to inform the Turkish customs authorities that the TACT prices based on the main bill of lading are only a reference price and that these figures should not be based on customs valuation. "He said.

IATA well as studies conducted in the eyes as this issue IATA Turkey office managers, THY Cargo managers, the ACC Turkey (Airports Cargo Committee) Chairman, Istanbul Customs Brokers voicing shared with the Association of Cavite Ugur; process summarized as follows:

“This issue, which the importers are facing and causing higher tax than it should be, is at the 11th Development Plan Preparations of Customs Procedures Working Group Meeting, where we have participated in the country, TOBB Transportation and Logistics Assembly, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. It was presented as one of the sector problems in the presentations made by UTİKAD at the Coordination Meeting. UTIKAD also investigated the process of the application in Europe and received the information from the CLECAT (European Association of Transport Affairs Organization, Transport, Logistics and Customs Services) that only a certain percentage of the application in the European Union countries is included in the determination of the customs value instead of the total amount of freight actually paid. "

Mr. Uğur also stated that all these information and studies were carried out by the General Directorate of Customs at 18 on December 2017. decision According to the recently published circular, it is reported that the customs bill in air transportation is determined by taking into consideration the high and realistic freight rates specified in TACT book or main bill of lading, taking into account the amount specified in the invoice and air bill issued by air cargo agencies. As UTIKAD, we are pleased to be the leader of the solution to this problem which caused our importers and exporters to pay high taxes. We will continue to contribute to the development of our sector and its stakeholders. Sektör

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