Transportation in Bursa Accelerated with Smart Intersections

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, in order to prevent the city of traffic in the city of the 29 junction in order to start the editing work is ongoing. With the studies carried out in the big stage, it is aimed to reduce the traffic density at the level of 35-40 by the end of the year.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas examined the paving work at Emek BESAŞ Junction in front of Korupark, one of the important points that will reduce the traffic density in the city. Stating that the steps taken in order to make transportation in Bursa more comfortable, the President Aktas, the Metropolitan Municipality 'information obtained from the Bursalılardan' in accordance with the traffic regulation works without losing time and citizens 'positive' response on the subject said they received.

Chairman Aktaş, 'Transportation Emergency Action Plan' within the framework of the Small Industry Rose, Mudanya, Orhaneli and Acemler intersections at the intersection of the work stressed that the strip. At the terminal Demirtas Junction, traffic regulation, Beşevler, Tuna, Emek, Otosansit and Esentepe intersections, Fatih Sultan Mehmet (FSM) Boulevard is the application of smart junction, President Aktas recorded, Ata Boulevard and Fethiye Yellow Street Intersection with the technical arrangements of the relief of he said.

Studies have accelerated

President Aktas, in his statement, provided information about the activities carried out to reduce traffic intensity. Chairman Aktaş said, Geç We made smart traffic application at Hafız Hatun Mosque junction at Çalı Yolu, as well as road arrangement and strip expansion works at Geçit Junction and the following. Istanbul Road route in both directions, we took the 3 strip. Ata Bulvarı At Işıktepe Red Street Junction, with the addition of additional lanes and turn handles, the implementation of the smart junction, stadium access roads and Mudanya Junction viaduct manufacturing, one-way application, the construction of the road on the fair route of Panayır Kavşağı-Yeniceabat-Yunuseli-Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Boulevard, Çelebi Mehmet Bulvarı-Hüdavendigar Boulevard - Yıldırım Beyazıt Boulevard construction of the expropriation and road connections, Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone to the Bursa Peripheral Road and junction road to the direct connection, the expropriation on the Erdogan Street route completion and the Esenevler Interchange Junction and Otosansit connection, Mudanya Road Flament-Akpınar We made additional turnaround at the Köprülü Junction and made the Acemler viaduct to provide the transition from İzmir to the nearby Ring Road Kö.

In his statement, Chairman Aktaş also explained the works to be started in the near future. President Aktas, oğ Gökdere Junction Ankara Road access expansion, Ihtisas junction rotating the island to remove the intelligent junction application, Orhaneli Yolu Nicosia Street and Kavakdere Street junction expansion, Inonu Street-Zafer Boulevard-intersection of Gazi Street junction arrangement, Recep Tayyip Erdogan Boulevard 29. The intersection of Aydın Street intersection, the construction of the İzmir Yolu return arm at Mudanya Köprülü Junction, the connection junction of Doğanköy City Hospital to Bursa Ring Road and the construction of the reconstruction road, the construction of South Reconstruction Road to the mountain slopes where the population of the densely inhabited population is located on the east-west axis of the city The applications we think are also applications uygulam.

Target, maximum efficiency

In his statement, President Aktaş mentioned the details of Emek BESAŞ Smart Junction Arrangement works in detail and said, taş As Metropolitan Municipality, we bring solutions in place and we do not apply a standard practice. We work with all the alternatives before simulation. Which is the most advantageous for our Bursa with the maximum efficiency, we are doing his account. Here, the production of asphalt, curb and signaling continues to be made by turning the rotational island into a smart intersection, adding additional strips to increase the storage in the signaling segments, minimizing the waiting in traffic and preventing the density in the intersection area. Estimated 10 days after the activities here will be completed Tahmin he said.

Transportation will breathe

Stating that the traffic density in the region will end with the completion of 'smart junction applications', President Aktas said that traffic circulation will accelerate in industrial areas, shopping centers and residential areas. Mayor Aktaş said that they aim to reduce the traffic density by a decrease of up to 35-40., We want to prepare an environment in which the city-wide applications, uninterrupted transportation, traffic never stops, even at peak times, at a normal speed, will be prepared for the people of Bursa. As part of the Emergency Action Plan, at the beginning of the 2018 year, we aimed to bring at least a percentage of 35-40 relief in traffic. We feel this already, we get thanks. Hopefully with the larger investments we will make in 2019 and later, I believe that with metro routes and multi-storey roads, traffic in Bursa will fall completely from the agenda. İn

Reminding that there are other institutions that dislocate the infrastructure in the region, President Aktaş said “There are delays in this reason, but in cooperation, common results arise with common mind Böl. On the other hand, large vehicles such as trucks, trucks, construction equipment and concrete mixers are not allowed to enter the city during peak hours and they contribute to the relief of transportation in Bursa. In addition, it is noteworthy that traffic teams increase their controls.

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