Akar with CHP: "No Feasibility Study in Build-Operate-Transfer Projects"

CHP PM Member of Parliament who is constantly confronted with the Minister of Finance Haydar Akar Kocaeli Deputy Minister made statements to him earlier responded.

Akar asked the Minister of Finance three weeks ago at the General Assembly of the Assembly, but said that the Minister addressed other issues instead of answering it.


Akar said that the necessary feasibility studies of the Minister regarding the build-operate-transfer projects were made by giving examples. Akar pointed out that the realization rate of guaranteed passengers at Zafer airport is 2,5%, where 70 km and 370 million TL were tendered before Bursa Yenişehir railway line was changed and 50 km of the road was changed and cost 1,8 billion.

The Minister said that these projects provide direct and indirect benefits. It is funny that the allocation of 2018 billion TL from 6,2 budget only for build-operate-transfer projects is a tragedy and said that the Treasury is working for operating companies.7


Responding to the figures of Minister Naci Ağbal passing through the bridge and tunnel, Akar said: '' ”Citizen passes through the bridge, passes through the tunnel.” You, too. You said it right, but it doesn't actually go away. You told me three weeks ago, you can look at them from the minutes, and I answer them: Actually, it doesn't. The number of vehicles guaranteed for Osmangazi Bridge is 14 million 600 thousand, the number of vehicles passed 2017 million in 5, the vehicle not exceeding 9 million 600 thousand; I'm not going into the detail. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge; The number of guaranteed vehicles annually is 49 million 275 thousand, the number of vehicles passing 15 million only - not even one-third - is 1 million. Eurasia Tunnel; The number of guaranteed vehicles annually is 34 million, the number of passing vehicles is 25 million, the number of vehicles not exceeding 15 million. You are right, right; "The citizen is passing by." you say but we see that it is not actually passed. ''said.


Finally, we know that we are constantly account books, we are making investments Akar hard to respond to the words, the AKP government in sixteen years, a factory that can make and sell, saying that the investment;

"As bridges are built in this country, investment increases, production increases, employment increases, prosperity increases." In your reply to me, you say that the public debt per capita in 2002 is 3.677 TL, the public debt per capita in December 2017 is 10.981 TL. The unemployment rate was 2002 percent in 8,3; The unemployment rate in 2017 was 10,3; The current account deficit in fifty-two years is 43,7 billion dollars, and the current account deficit in sixteen years is 561 billion dollars. I am not saying the amount of bad checks, the amount of protested bills, the bank debt of the consumer. Now I want to ask you, too: I wonder if the citizen lives in prosperity, lives in debt. "We are the people who can do both the account and the book." You say. Now I'm saying: Jove, billahi, you don't know any account books. '



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