New Connection Road Between Tuzla and Çayırova

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, continues to work on transportation. New projects are provided to the regions in need throughout the city and ease of transportation is provided. Within this scope, the connection road between the Metropolitan Municipality Çayırova and Tuzla Şifa Neighborhood is preparing to implement the transportation project. According to the project, the new transition bridge and connection roads and the western neighborhoods of Şifa Neighborhood and Çayırova will be accessible to the main roads.

Connected to E-80
This problem will be solved by the connection between Şifa Neighborhood Çayırova, which has no direct connection to E-80, which is a connection way to Şekerpınar. The residents of Şifa Neighborhood, which can reach the Şekerpınar connection road through Çiftlik Caddesi, now provide transportation to Çayırova and İzmit city centers. With the new project, the connection to E-80 will be able to reach both east-west and north-south. The crossing bridge and connection roads to be built in the southern part of the truck park in the neighborhood will relax the transportation of Şifa District and Çayırova Freedom Neighborhood.

Within the scope of the project, 1 91 and a half meters long 7 meter width and one 90 meter long 11 meter wide bridge will be manufactured. The project will be carried out with 2 thousand 500 meter road construction. In the study, 4615 cubic meters of concrete, 675 tons of iron, thousand of 429 meters of stormwater sewer line, 597 meters of drinking water line to be made. 852 meter piles will be manufactured for bridges.

5 thousand 600 square parquet flooring, 10 bin 150 meter bordure to be built in new ways. 11 thousand 725 tons of asphalt will be laid on the roads. Metropolitan Municipality will be auctioned for the work. 24 April will be held on Tuesday at the auction hall at 11.00. The winning company will complete the project within 210 days.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 18:17

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