Kocaoğlu: "If you have to compete, you will quit the numbers"

Speaking at the Assembly meeting where Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and ESHOT General Directorate annual reports were discussed, Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “We compete with ourselves, we compete with our goals. I call out to those who say 'Izmir's environmental projects are in place'. Regardless of who says what, İzmir is by far the number one in this regard. If you have to compete, let's get the numbers out. TURKSTAT is there, our numbers are here. "There are no other municipalities committed to promising to cut carbon emissions by 2020 percent by 20."

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's 2017 activity reports of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and ESHOT General Directorate, which were discussed at the second ordinary assembly meeting in April, were accepted by majority of votes. Party group about reports sözcüİzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who came to the podium after the evaluations of his colleagues, spoke about the comments and criticisms made.

TURKSTAT figures
Firstly, responding to the criticism that "environmental projects are considered in place", Mayor Kocaoğlu said, "Izmir Metropolitan Municipality purifies 69.1 cubic meters of water per person. Istanbul is 28 times.. Ankara is 4.1. Regardless of what anyone says about environmental investments, İzmir is number one. It's number one by far. If you're going to compete, get the numbers out. The Turkish Statistical Institute is also there, and our figures are here. Let's sit down and talk about what environmental investment means. And no other municipality has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 2020 percent by 20. Disposal of household waste in waste management and economy kazanYou all know very well how many years the relocation works have been going on and what we have been through regarding the site permit.”

Description of urban transformation ..
Speaking about the evaluations about urban transformation, he gave examples of Fikirtepe and Sulukule in Istanbul and said:
“I claim this; If there is a belief in urban transformation, if we want to save our citizens from unplanned construction, there is only one solution. It is a XNUMX% reconciliation that we have produced with long efforts and that we started the first two-stage implementation in Uzundere, which has no other example. It is a project implemented by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which gives all the rent that comes out of it to our fellow citizens living there, transforms on-site, provides healthy housing, and does not demand a penny from anyone. This is the way and the method. 'What are you kazan'You're tired,' he tells me. I'm saving my citizens from the crooked structure. I beautify our city. I build boulevards. What else kazanwill I? With this logic of money, neither the municipality nor the state is governed by the logic of neither giving nor taking. As soon as we made the first stage tender in Uzundere, they brought our Minister of Environment and Urbanization to Izmir. Within 48 hours.. They said they will do urban transformation here. However, the work they started, the ground studies have been changed; urban transformation into a hut, a vacant lot without demolishing a wall. Its name is not urban transformation, but building a house on this empty land. Expropriate the citizen's land, give it to the contractor. Let him sell. Money kazanGood luck with your exam. What transformation is this? It is necessary to make the definition of urban transformation correctly and to know it correctly.”

He said "carrot" again
Drawing attention to the mistake of ignoring the investments made by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in transportation, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “Friendship Boulevard was opened, Doğuş Avenue was opened, Ahmet Piriştina Boulevard was opened in Sasalı. KarşıyakaEcevit Street was opened in Istanbul. NARBEL path was made, which nobody did, or dared to do. Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street is the largest street in the history of this city. The Flying Road that has been spoken for 40 years… These are just roads, I do not count the underpasses. ”

Stressing that the biggest investments in the history of the city have been signed in rail systems, Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu continued his words as follows:
“The rail system has increased from 11 kilometers to 179 kilometers. Exactly 16 times in 14 years. Those who do not hear, understand and understand, will hear and know this. We carried 70-80 thousand people a day. When Konak sits on Trauma, we will reach 800 thousand people. How many thousand buses should have entered the roads of this city for so many passengers? We prevented this. I am not the mayor who has left the subways undertaken by the nation. I am a president who has finished the job he has started and does not give half the work to anyone. I am someone who says 'If you want to do it, Narlıdere, Buca, build the bus station'. When they say carrots, they get angry. Since 2008, Bus Station subway carrots are used in every election. Tube passage ... We say 'Do it, brother'. Mr. Prime Minister introduced. He says 'If İzmir wants, I will do it'. I declare it as mayor. Come in, get started. They say 'There is no transportation plan'. Did Konak Tunnel have a master plan? ”

Announces individual figures
Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoğlu also underlined that they do not discriminate against injustice and party in the district municipalities. Reminding the municipalities that complain about investing in infrastructure, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “If we do not make infrastructure, we cannot provide water. We cannot take the sewage to the treatment. I have been making infrastructure for 14 years. See what happened in the 19 districts that later joined us and what wasn't. Are there sewers? Look. May I want it, folks get annoyed. I do the job most of the mayors escaped. I do it for the development of this city. I will continue as long as I am in this seat. ”

Our difference was before Europe
Stating that the tender was purchased from the companies for the School Milk project carried out by the Ministry of National Education, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “If you buy from the cooperatives of the producers, animal husbandry will stand up. We bought milk, milk production increased. A world investment has been made in Tire Organize. Currently, animal feeding is satisfied, citizens are satisfied, children are satisfied. They call it the multiplier effect in the economy, synergy. Therefore, the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir 'Izmir Model' is a model that will be an example to Turkey, "he said.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, said:
Vard We had the experts of the European Union first. Some friends still keep on seeing us. I don't think there's a problem. But ignoring them, ignoring them makes the man difficult. The city of Izmir, that political party is not a party to this political party. Together, we have to cooperate to make this city a step further. Hep

Our Trust İzmirliler
"We have a guarantee for 14 years, and that is Izmir." Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, "Our citizens of Izmir understand us. We also understand our fellow citizens. Our Izmir nationals believe, trust and respect us. We believe, trust and respect them. They took care of us even in our worst days for 14 years. We are working to pay our debts to our fellow countrymen. ”

Istanbul-Izmir difference
Criticizing the opposition's efforts to compare İzmir with Istanbul, the Metropolitan Mayor continued as follows:
“We don't compete with Istanbul. Istanbul is a different world. We compete with ourselves, we compete with our goals. We do not have to compete with Istanbul and emulate Istanbul. But let me give a few figures if you want: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's 14.6 billion liras revenue, 3.7 times more than 3.9 billion liras Izmir. Its expenses are 19.5 billion liras; 4.2 times more than us .. When we compare the budget deficit, we see that it is 5.4 times bigger than us. Debt amounts are 6.4 times higher. ”

Following the speeches, the activity reports of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and ESHOT General Directorate were accepted with the votes of Republican People's Party (CHP) and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).

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