Common Pool Model in Transportation in Kocaeli

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Council April meeting today (Thursday) In-house Leyla Atakan Cultural Center Dr.Sefik Postalcıoğlu Conference Hall will start at 15.00.

Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu will be held under the presidency of the meeting and will be decided by the 116 matter meeting. 5 member and 9 member committee will be selected as 7 member and 2017 annual report will be discussed.

Izmit Karabas Neighborhood Ankara Highway Street Under the Turgut Ozal overpass, the lobby of the buffet is located in Necati Ökse Street, in the Çazliali neighborhood of the town of Belde. The 5 and 1 Commission reports on the transfer of the use of Lake Cafes to be used as Cafeteria-Tea Garden will be discussed.
15 July Pulse Initiative experienced in our country in our province in the context of the event and this evocative event evoking; Time, Gulen, Light, Milky Way, Leak, Freelancer and Erkul such as 27 units of street and street name changes are expected to pass unanimously.

The area of ​​970 thousand square meters in Darıca was transferred from the Ministry of National Defense to the Metropolitan Municipality and the protocol was made. The Metropolitan Municipality is located at Darica Beach. entertainment, leisure, youth center, municipal service area will be used as social and cultural area. The report on the amendment of the zoning plan is expected to be unanimous.

For the implementation of the ile Joint Pool System ehir for the elimination of competition in the intercity and inter-city transport, to ensure passenger satisfaction and to ensure savings and to be more profitable, the work between the Metropolitan Municipality and the 5 Numbered City and 55 No. (Alikahya) minibuses was almost completed. The proposal regarding the meclis public transport service with the establishment of a public pool service iyle will be discussed at the next parliamentary meeting.

Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Park and Tram and 5 and 55 No. of public transportation vehicles will be collected in the public pool. October will be based on revenue. By tram, public transport; minibuses and buses will be integrated with each other. Complementary tram transfers will be made, free transfer can be made in some places. The Kent Card system will continue. Since the 150 vehicle will be out of the way for both co-operatives with the implementation of the Common Pool System, the costs will be reduced by approximately 1300 TL. As the number of public transport vehicles will decrease, it is expected to provide relief in traffic. 65 TL is also expected to be extended to 750 TL for the 1.100 transported passengers, which are free of charge by city buses and minibuses.

The officials of the Metropolitan Municipality announced that the Joint Pool System, which will be implemented in our province after Istanbul and Kayseri, will start in the city minibuses in İzmit and Derince districts in June, and will start to be implemented in Gölcük, Değirmendere and Karamürsel line until the end of the summer and in the other districts until the end of this year.

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