Flight Safety Precautions Are Taken at Istanbul New Airport

Work is underway to make Istanbul New Airport ready for the opening date. At the airport where the physical realization of 85 is reached, security measures related to environmental factors are not neglected. Istanbul New Airport continues to be important for situations that could jeopardize flight safety

First of all, it was decided to put an end to domestic waste storage in Odayeri which is the biggest waste storage area of ​​the European side. Thus, the main feeding area of ​​the gulls was eliminated and the birds were migrated from the region.

As the domestic waste is a landfill and disposal area, the residual household waste collected from the European Side is no longer sent to the Odayeri Waste Storage Center, which is the habitat of a large gull population. Wastes are directed to Seymen Waste Disposal Facility in Silivri for a period of 4 months.

According to the examination of the birdwatchers working in the construction of the new airport by using a GPS device, the seagulls found their food from the Odayeri Garbage. The birds then went to the ponds, which were filled with Terkos Lake near the Airport and the pits left from the old coal quarries to meet their water drinking needs. The seagulls bathed in the Black Sea used the environment of the New Airport as a resting area.


After the disposal of domestic waste dump to the Odayeri landfill, the ponds formed in the old coal quarries which are the water drinking rest areas of the seagulls were filled. As the seagull used as a resting area, the population of the region started to migrate to Silivri.

After the seagulls, measures were taken to ensure that the cattle and sheep animals of the villagers who live in the vicinity of the airport did not enter the runway and its surroundings.

In order not to raise the animals unraveled to grazing, a special team was formed by the airport operator, while suggestions were made for the solution of the problem by interviewing the peasants in the villages of Akpınar, Ağaçlı and Tayakadın one by one.

The first aircraft to be built at New Airport is planned to land at 29 October 2018.

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