Passenger Train Passed in Batman

📩 21/12/2018 18:26

In Batman, the railroad train increased the demand for the passenger train. Batman Gar Officials, Batman, increased the popularity of train transportation, he said. The wagons with safety and convenience were overflowed.


Yet The people of Batman have recently started to travel by train. We carry a monthly average of 10 thousand passengers. We do our best to allow our passengers to travel more comfortably and comfortably. Ticket prices are favorable because it is suitable, Bilet he said.


While the prices of bus, minibus and plane tickets are burning, citizens turn to the cheaper train services. Passenger trains traveling between Kurtalan, Batman, Diyarbakır and Ankara have been filling up in recent days. The fare per person between Batman and Diyarbakır is 4 TL for students and 5 TL for civilians.

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