Turkey's First Electric Bus Indigenous SILEO, Elazığ and Manisa road to Quits

In the 2018 year, the first deliveries of the new generation of SILEO electric buses, which will enable the people of Elazığ and Manisa to travel more quietly, comfortably and environmentally within the quieter and comfortable year of 2018, will be realized at the end of April. The first deliveries of the new generation of SILEO electric buses, which will enable them to travel environmentally, are realized at the end of April.

Turkey's first domestic electric buses by 100 percent in 2014 and began producing vehicles with the production of 2017nd generation 2 BozankayaCompleted the first production of the vehicles that will be offered to the people of Elazig and Manisa. All of the vehicles that will be delivered in both cities in April will be delivered in 2018. A total of 20 18 percent electric new generation SILEO electric buses, 2 of which are 25 meters and 22 of which are 100 meters, will be available to Manisans. The people of Elazig, on the other hand, will have 18 new generation SILEO, 15 meters in length, in 16, with their first deliveries starting from April 2018, 2018.

In addition to the electric bus projects implemented by Elazig and Manisa Metropolitan Municipalities in order to relieve the urban traffic and prevent environmental pollution, 2018 trambus of 10 meters will be delivered to the Municipality of Şanlıurfa in 25.

Bozankaya Aytunç Günay, Chairman of the Board of Directors; “We produced the first generation of our electric bus Sileo 4 years ago. These vehicles are about 3 years carry passengers seamlessly in various provinces in Turkey. We are pleased to present the new generation Sileo electric buses to the people of Manisa and Elazig for the first time in 2018. These vehicles are both very comfortable and very quiet. It stands out with its features that contribute to the increase in the quality of life in cities and save up to 75% compared to diesel vehicles. With 4 hours of charging, a distance of up to 400 km can be covered depending on usage. " said.

Aytunç made in Turkey stating that won 7 tenders related to electric buses so far Gunay, "Sileo production of electric buses for our Elazığ and Manisa city to continue with all our speed. We produce our products, which we design in-house, with the labor of Turkish workers in our factory in Ankara / Sincan. In this direction, we are pleased that the first new generation Sileos, as a national and local brand, are offered to the people of Elazig and Manisa. He spoke in the form.


Bozankaya The new generation SILEO electric buses, which are designed and manufactured by Eco-friendly, silent, efficient and zero emission features, have 100, 10, 12 and 18 meter length models with% 25 electric. With an hourly charge of 4, the new SILEO is able to cover the mileage of 400. With the regenerative energy it has, it is possible to dynamically charge the vehicle's battery by converting the brake energy into electrical energy. Using an electric engine on the axle instead of an internal combustion engine creates a spacious and spacious interior, the passenger capacity of the vehicle can be increased from 75 to 232 people according to different lengths.

In the new generation SILEO, where different materials are used in the vehicle frame without increasing its weight compared to the first generation vehicle, the design now includes more modern lines. All R&D developments of New SILEO, which aims to be the new means of transportation of modern cities Bozankaya R & D Center Bozankaya It was carried out with the work of engineers. New SILEO, with its 100% low floor that provides fast passenger loading and unloading, will help create environmentally friendly zones with zero emissions in urban transportation. The new generation SILEO can recycle braking energy up to 75%, thereby increasing the driving distance significantly. Acting as a generator, the traction motor converts braking energy into electrical energy and dynamically charges the battery while driving. While diesel vehicles consume 100 liters of fuel per 50 kilometers under general conditions, considering all road conditions, the New SILEO consumes an average of 0,8 kWh / km, that is, approximately 15 kuruş. New SILEO, which does not have any disturbing engine noise during the journey, also adapts to modern city life with this form.

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